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Example sentences for callow

Nicklaus was enthralled the first time he played in the Masters in 1959 as a callow 19-year-old amateur.
I'm a bit more vehement and vociferous than when I was a callow youth of around 30.
Anyway, comments about my callow youthfulness or my "babbling" are more entertaining than anything else.
She finally returns to his arms, but then falls in love with his callow young secretary.
Mebus strives for naughty wryness, but winds up just sounding callow.
Seems the money-hungry merchant's underpaid, callow clerks dream of romance and adventure, too.

Famous quotes containing the word callow

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I have been spending my first night in an American "summer hotel," and I despair of the Republic! Such dreariness, such ... more
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