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We call a callous turncoat a "rat." Rats and mice, however, are giving scientists clues to the evolutionary origins of empathy.
People tend towards generosity after holding a warm cup of coffee, and are more callous after holding a cold drink.
Her anguished memories of painful treatment at the hands of callous and brutal doctors provide clues to her troubled psyche.
Other misadventures include demoralizing casting calls, conniving friends and a string of callous boyfriends.
It feels callous, even pathetic, to go on with business-as-usual while Haiti continues to reel from such a singular catastrophe.
But when she arrives, she finds her new husband is a callous plantation worker with drinking and gambling problems.
We shouldn't relax our standards, but we shouldn't be unnecessarily callous, either.
And some speakers even painted the singer as a martyr victimized by a callous news media and celebrity hounds.
The humans who wanted them killed were called bloodthirsty and callous.
Selody had told me how to make cuttings of the stems and let them sit on the counter overnight to callous over.
Acting with callous disregard for the feelings of other animals undermines our empathic natures and humane sensitivities.
People's response to our separateness can be callous, can be good-hearted, and is always condescending.
If you hear of so many people who need help daily, you'd also become callous to it.
Faced with a pending execution, no governor wants to appear callous about human life.
But they were not callous about the fate of the dead, as is claimed by some of the victims' families.
The saddest victims are the youngest, their shining ideals shattered by callous exploitation.

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