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It cannot be made if the question can be reached by calling up the motion to reconsider which has been previously made.
The ravisher urged on his steeds, calling them each by name, and throwing loose over their heads and necks his iron-colored reins.
The inconveniences that have been noted in calling and using counsel are three.
If there is epidemiological evidence, it should be given and not name calling.
Lots of folks were calling for the revolution, beating the drum of an economic expansion spurred by green innovation.
When you have no argument name calling is the last resort.
Now the nurse is calling for help to have some help to give me a nother shot.
Now new research is calling even that conclusion into question.
He interviewed me afterward and wrote it up in the paper, and then people started calling me up asking me to give talks.
She shot polite versions of the debate, as well as versions with interruptions, shouts and name-calling.
Is it really correct to continue calling them dwarfs, likening them to stars at all, when they do not support fusion.
Use them in any recipe calling for small shrimp such as salad shrimp.
For the past two nights, a barred owl has been calling from the big-leaf maple outside my bedroom window.
To understand how elephants make the switch from local to long-distance calling, it helps to know something about weather.
Of course, many people use more than one argument when calling for biodiversity protection.
Now scientists behind the study are calling for an urgent review of global conservation strategies.
Its presence is usually announced by the almost constant calling between members of the groups as they move from tree to tree.
For centuries wandering nomads and shamans used music for everything from calling herds to connecting with spirits.
No one seems to know who began calling them spirit bears some years ago.
It had never occurred to me that randomly calling on students might inadvertently display a pattern.
Well, first of all, calling the whistle-blower a rat is in poor taste.
And he was a designer, even though people seem to be overlooking that in their remembrances, calling him more of a visionary.
Advances in brain science are calling into question the volition behind many criminal acts.
He's calling a public meeting among all of his fellow students.
Trainers are not required to be certified, and no regulation prevents any of them from calling themselves behaviorists.
They carried signs, calling for the election results to be nullified and alleged vote-rigging to be investigated.
Both had a profound impact on me and led me to look for a calling that could have a positive impact on society.
There is so much need out there that helping people with disabilities is becoming my calling.
Traditionally, calling abroad can incur a much steeper phone bill than domestic phone calls.
We could talk to friends and families with a telephone and get stock prices by calling a broker before e-mail was invented.
He took it apart and inside found his life's calling.
Please refrain from calling them anything else, even in small print, at the end of the last paragraph.
To a lot of biologists, aging research has not always been a respectable calling.
He himself viewed his work and his calling in an extremely lofty light.
So she goes on calling, her failed bark slowly deteriorating into a human voice.
The mango-red-chili-pepper pebbles might be the spiciest thing calling itself candy these days.
So he felt a calling, or that is how he liked to explain himself.
If whoever is calling is legit, they will leave a message.
And that's a primordial calling: goes all the way back to the cave painters.
It is important that it should be labeled and evaluated as such, rather than calling it by various surrogate names.
Other voices have recently been calling for different paths toward a solution.
In the case of the traveller, this might be calling up a web page on which the train timetable is displayed.
This, after all, was a bank that had got through the financial crisis without calling on the state or its shareholders.
So when pollsters go to the trouble of calling some of these people, they are left guessing about how to weight their views.
They are forever calling in the consultants and surfing the business press for the next big thing.
Notices have been put up in residential buildings calling on protesters to surrender themselves to police.
Scientists are calling for widespread heart screening of people before they begin weight training.
But after four years he announced he'd found his calling: to be a monk.
Already people are calling for much stiffer penalties and mandatory sentencing.
They knew it happened, but it wasn't worthwhile calling a special meeting.
The second robot would be able to perform tasks on its own, such as picking up a phone and calling for help.
Press agents are calling and begging you to run items about their clients.
In the meantime, what some are calling an an unfair balloting system has left millions disappointed and ticketless.
In fact, there's no real leader-no one is really calling the shots.
It started getting played in the clubs, and people started calling radio stations wanting to hear it on the radio.
Lingering uncertainty in the stock market has a number of billionaires still calling for generous tax cuts.
And, if the last few weeks have demonstrated anything, we'll never know who's really calling the shots.
Civil liberties groups are calling this the end of privacy.
But using one of these robots is far harder than picking up a phone or using a video calling system.
Far enough, in fact, to discover his uncommon calling: molding materials that turn biological discoveries into medical cures.
And politicians ignore them and keep calling for more oil drilling.
Of course, calling storage unacceptable is itself an unacceptable answer.
He could also have mentioned the strong growth of video calling.
We have an oil policy and it is the large oil companies calling the shots.
And since then, the corporate and research world has come a-calling.

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