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Example sentences for calligraphy

The history of calligraphy itself, however, was not peaceful.
His own calligraphy adorned the vessel and, according to the official line, his leadership has seen the project through.
She taught calligraphy and still displays a fine italic hand.
She is known for her complex abstractions, which incorporate graphic elements borrowed from architecture and calligraphy.
The stage floor was carpeted with large open books whose white pages were covered with bold calligraphy.
The discussions in this article seems to border on calligraphy vs typography.
She bares an undistinguished tattoo, a cross and calligraphy.
Calligraphy often plays a leading role in them, and their painted borders can be as seductive as the images themselves.
Samurai generals practiced calligraphy, took up flower arranging, and played the lute.
As many fellow posters have pointed out, many simplified characters have been used in calligraphy many centuries ago.
They fashioned the main dome and its solid gold finial, the mosaics, the calligraphy and the intricate marble flowers.
The manuscripts that have survived-fair copies-are models of calligraphy.
Its surface was covered with exquisite incised calligraphy.
In the right hands, calligraphy was about much more than putting words down on a page.
While singing, her hands twirl beautiful shapes in the air, as if performing invisible calligraphy.
Periodical projects in poster paint, calligraphy, and more may be offered.
She learned by watching her elders paint, and from her family's extensive calligraphy and painting collection.
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