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Mudpuppies, also called waterdogs, are one of only a few salamanders that make noise.
The function sits there until it is called, and in this case it is called automatically when the page loads.
College and university presidents are increasingly called upon to make informed choices about technology.
One faculty member called me to relay the unhappy news.
Those of the first set appear in childhood, and are called the deciduous or milk teeth.
In the language of the holy scriptures this alone is called science: every other science is termed folly.
But that may soon change, with the deployment in screens of structures called quantum dots.
Put abstractly, government may be called on to foster or restore equal liberty.
Most cancer cells, however, use a less efficient mechanism called glycolysis to power themselves.
One method involves a device called a plasma arc gasifier, which generates artificial lightning bolts between two electrodes.
Many of these creatures have special pigment cells called chromatophores in their skin.
The organ then decelerates rapidly and ricochets back to the rear of the skull, a jolt called a countercoup.
There are indeed types of particle detectors called spark chambers that exploit this principle.
Most often, they do so in a linear fashion, creating chains of monomers called polymers.
The so-called distinction between sociopathy and psychopathy is ridiculous and based on absolutely nothing of substance.
Nerve cells, also called neurons, get this energy by breaking down glucose in a long series of reactions.
But the finding brings to the fore another question: the so-called cosmological coincidence.
Before the pyramids, tombs were carved into bedrock and topped by flat-roofed structures called mastabas.
The second, aboveground chamber was called the queen's chamber by early explorers.
Most leopards are light colored with distinctive dark spots that are called rosettes, because they resemble the shape of a rose.
The whale shark and other animals that eat this way are called filter feeders.
In the bird embryo these bristles erupt from tiny patches of skin cells called placodes.
The bubbles in this photo are called solar granules.
They do it with something called swarm intelligence.
Research suggests the so-called brutes fashioned tools, buried their dead, maybe cared for the sick and even conversed.
These different forms of an element-called isotopes-are inherently stable or unstable.
The source was a temporary type of tissue called medullary bone lining the inside of their leg bone cavities.
Plus, the thing that really sets them apart is the reproductive structure in the center of the flower, which is called the column.
Commonly called bearberry cotoneaster, it displays bright red fruits among dark evergreen leaves.
Also called simple layering, ground layering is an easy way to produce a few new plants, though it may take as long as a year.
Also called wild morning glory, bindweed grows in open areas.
The process of getting flower bulbs to bloom ahead of schedule is called forcing.
The starch in potatoes is contained in tiny packets called potato buds.
When the chiles are green and you use them in the ways described above, they're called poblanos.
These materials are called naturals by the floral industry.
The experts they called in explained the basic principles of effective community policing.
He has been called the father of modern video games.
These myelin-coated tracts make up the brain's white matter, while the bodies of neural cells are called grey matter.
The problem boils down to determining the inherent brightness of a star, a property called its absolute magnitude.
More expensive laser printers use another approach that creates images using electrically charged colored powder, called toner.
Evaporative cooling--blowing air across a wet surface to promote evaporation--has long been used in so-called swamp coolers.
The network consists of rows of thin silver lines that feed into thicker wires called bus bars.
Of an evening they listened to the radio, or the wireless, as they called it.
While the relationship was private, it can hardly be called furtive or clandestine.
The tomatoes' purple hue was a side effect of the type of antioxidants produced, called anthocyanins.
One form of epigenetic change physically blocks access to the genes by altering what is called the histone code.
The pattern is called a quasicrystal because it has an ordered structure, but the structure never repeats exactly.
The sharp end of the hypodermic syringe consists of a grooved tube, or stylet, flanked by two sharp knives called lancets.
More than a trillion tentacled organisms called hydroids are adrift there.
The tip of the axon, called a growth cone, senses chemicals drifting by.
The research focused on a type of cell called a synovial fibroblast, which helps to lubricate the lining of our joints.
If any cake could be called refreshing, this would be the one.
So farmers are turning to what's called the fresh market-selling directly to grocers, restaurateurs, and the public.
All plants contain sugars, and these sugars can be fermented to make ethanol in a process called biochemical conversion.
Sanders has called for closing corporate tax loopholes and eliminating tax breaks for oil and gas companies.
They imagined that space was filled everywhere by a continuous medium called the ether.

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