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Example sentences for call on

He makes a call on his radio and reads out some coordinates.
To make a call on the existence of a parallel universe requires scientific evidence and a peer review of that evidence.
Other theories about the relative complexity of some plants to vertebrates call on genetic efficiencies.
Some homemade remedies, for instance, call on the rough powers of ground walnuts or sugar to get the job done.
Call on two other students to ask each a question from their lists.
Then call on students to come up with a word or fact about gorillas.
Goldman says it made a big macro call on the markets, pulling back on risk taking.
Shutting a bank down is usually, then, in some sense a judgment call on the part of regulators.
They are making every effort to make the right call on every play.
As soon as they receive the news, all the relatives of the groom-elect must call on the bride.
The seamanship at fault: but this expression may be glossed by supposing the boatswain to have sounded that call on his whistle.
Most of these call on outside auditors at some point.
They call on scores of literary experts in scores of countries and pay them to put down a few reflections about possible winners.
At that point, you must call on all the patience you have and let people talk.
They are already old friends when the time comes for me to call on them.
Students used to visit during office hours or call on the phone.
Be aware that it is not your doctor that makes the call on whether or not you are disabled.
If you don't have supportive family nearby, call on some friends to become instant aunts and uncles as you become instant parents.
She doesn't call on event days either--birthdays or holidays.
He didn't call on fleets of buses to be in position to move in after the storm.
In wartime the state has a unique call on your loyalty-and perhaps your life.
Being state-owned, it can theoretically call on the government if it needs cash-which it does not.
Another call on the luxury firms' money is new businesses.
The first is that the bank could call on a credible pool of internal talent to step into its two biggest jobs.
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