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Be sure to call for an appointment before you visit.
First, the debt-collection business has begun to merge with the bigger customer-service call-centre industry.
People call the service and say the name of a city and state, and then say the name of a business or category.
It's a call to action for all of us to decrease on our plastic-bottled-water consumption.
Call it a meeting of minds among consensual political adults.
Patients and their families too often hesitate to call hospice.
Politicians from both sides of the aisle have joined the call for a snap election.
They call it education, but it is really recruitment.
Cactus wrens call and mourning doves flutter in and out of the skirts.
Admitting that some will call me a torturer is a surefire way to cut yourself off from anyone's sympathy.
Install a phone and some sensors inside a bulldozer, and it can call a mechanic before it goes wrong.
They told her to call in a month to find out more about if she can have the surgery.
Well, whatever you call this oddly named fern, it's a good one.
Astronomers have witnessed a cosmic explosion so strange they don't even know what to call it.
Industry standards call for all of a pond's water to be recirculated every two hours.
Radiation from a mobile phone call can make brain regions near the device burn more energy, according to a new study.
Call them laser-guided smart bombs for brain tumors.
Call someone an eel, you mean that they're slippery.
Call the manufacturer or retailer if the owner's manual is unclear.
Deadly call and response recruits stem cells to nourish ticking tumors.
If you are visited by a swarm of bees, call a local beekeeper organization.
Instead of selling their fish at beach auctions, the fishermen would call around to find the best price.
For the canyon preserve, ask for directions when you call for reservations.
So if you have one you can call yourself doctor which means teacher.
Many online catalogs provide a variety of ways in which one can relate books to one another, including by call number.
Investors pay for the call option by forgoing some interest on the debt.
Call it a one-stop shop for beautiful, handmade gifts.
Unfortunately the amount of data coming to or leaving from my smartphone is mostly not due to a phone call.
Consult the manual's troubleshooting section or call the toll-free customer service number.
They would work closely with diplomats, then return to their labs and remain on call for special projects for another five years.
Finally, the pumpkin cheesecakes call for something dramatic, something with pizzazz.
The blink system starts with what researchers call an eyelid sling, a small piece of muscle or fabric that holds the eyelid.
We call heroin addicts, heroin addicts, so lets call nicotine addicts what they are.
Add rotisserie chicken or smoked trout and you can call it dinner.
Eventually, the call of freedom comes to every mind and every soul.
It includes some neat features such as call notification.
Instead of an astronaut, they'll call him a space flight participant.
Besides, it can't be much of a vacation if you have to call the office.
Call the bank right away if you think a charge was a mistake.
Scientists know of only one in the wild, identified by its call.
The drumming and dancing never stopped, not even for the call to prayer.
First and foremost is the idea of the search for a place to call home, individually and collectively.
The artists were selected from a general call for submissions.
Many speech-recognition services store customers' information and greet them by name when they call.
One problem was what statisticians call selection bias.
Persistent poverty and growing social exclusion call the approach into question.
With cash machines and bank branches at every street corner there is less call for an alternative payment system.
The basic idea was to be able to call into a theater and hear live music being played.
Ants engage in large-scale battles that in many ways call to mind human warfare.
To make a call on the existence of a parallel universe requires scientific evidence and a peer review of that evidence.
But for people with depression, getting a call can help them feel better-especially when they are in the midst of a low day.
They call it self-reflective behavior, similar to programmed robots.
For instance, it could let viewers call up stats on a ballplayer during the game or view a recipe from a cooking show.
If there's a queue, a voice offers an automatic call-back without losing your place in line.
But now imagine that interference is interrupting an urgent, emergency cell-phone call.
Scientists have now rectified that situation, although you might call it a slow fix.
Researchers call this a threat-it reminds participants of the stereotype.
And yes, it is a tough call-evaluation by someone else is called for.
It was so difficult that, midway through, they opted to end the video chat and move to a conference call.
Theologians call these myths of origin, legends of the fall, and doctrines of sin and redemption.
Call the driver while they are on the road to see if they pick up.
Please call the phone number listed with the theatre for timetables and ticket information.
If the economy suffers as a result, it'll be what a soccer fan might call the biggest own goal in history.
There are no limits on call times, and the resulting sessions occasionally resemble protracted talk therapy.
But then you call back, using a different voice, and suddenly there is a party.
Wounded soldiers could call the dogs over and then help themselves whatever they needed.
In a mobile phone call, the caller initiates the conversation and then both parties invest a certain amount of time in the event.
Cell phone companies are finding that they're sitting on a gold mine--in the form of the call records of their subscribers.
Researchers call the experimental drug a major success for targeted cancer therapies.
So they call this maximum number of turns the zero-twist configuration.
For example, earlier cellphones only had monochrome displays and the maximum you could do was text messages or call someone.
If the signal was too weak to charge the capacitor, it would probably also be too weak to make a call.
The panel will call several expert witnesses over about two years.
No howler by the keeper, no muffed offside call, no melodramatic dive to set it all up with an unjustified free kick.
None of this ever came up during that long-ago phone call.
They had a seamstress on call in case anything happened.
To call us, select from the topics below to find the phone number you need.
We call upon the police to cease these illegal actions immediately and to release the people who have been illegally detained.
If you are having problems entering your subscriber number please call our customer.
First, to call the conflict a feud is to implicate both sides.
His own preoccupations-among them, duty and the call of public service-are visible on every page.
If the first agent isn't helpful, call back, and continue calling until you get an agent you're comfortable with.
It's a story about who to call at the airlines when you feel you've been mistreated.
Typically, a call can be routed based on the location of the tower handling it.

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