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In its court filing, the government portrayed the crime not as a lapse but as a calculated, money-making undertaking.
To justify that, the conduct from which it is desired to deter him, must be calculated to produce evil to some one else.
The supposition that it was a calculated crime and a cunning criminal doesn't work.
Taking calculated risks is part of building a career.
Attached to this message is a grade report that details how your final grade was calculated.
They calculated that a creature any larger would have been too heavy to lift itself into the air.
Meanwhile, some say that businesses can expect this to be a new metric by which their insurance premiums are calculated.
When his trial flight succeeded, and the creative process began, the metaphor was calculated to change.
Entrepreneurs think outside the box and are willing to take calculated risks and thus create their own path.
The observed positions of the two planets and their calculated positions differed.
The program calculated the level of order present in each language.
However, the authors also calculated exactly how route planning can affect mileage.
Only by subtracting the improvement in a placebo control group could the actual value of the drug be calculated.
One response to such questions has always been a calculated insouciance.
These sequences have been well studied and their statistical properties calculated.
Finally, they calculated the cost of the energy that could be produced as a function of the cost of installing the turbines.
The small dip in brightness allows the planet's size to be calculated.
By matching this measured velocity to the calculated values, astronomers can work out where in the galaxy any cloud should be.
Even if only relative position can be calculated it still sounds interesting.
Electric car mileage rates are calculated on a theoretical basis established on a test track.
The company has also calculated precise dimensions and performance parameters for the reactor.
It appears to have been calculated using a method that is specifically not recommended for major oil spills.
He calculated, within six and a half minutes, the length of a year.
It was an apt phrase for a speech that, historically, is calculated to offer a little bit of everything to practically everybody.
But he maintains that his emergence as a whistle-blowers' white knight was anything but calculated.
P-E is a deceivingly simple ratio, calculated by dividing a stock's price by its earnings per share.
The unemployment rate is calculated from a survey of households.
The details of how the scores that led to this ranking were calculated can be found in the note below.
In any case, the odds will have to be re-calculated when a trajectory is determined.
Rays are fired from the camera and intersections are calculated with the geometry.
The researchers calculated that such an amount of light would be enough to break down nitrite in the air.
The obvious answer is that more burned or evaporated or was eaten by microbes than calculated.
The average is calculated from all the local temperatures over places and times on the planet.
Any number of papers, many peer reviewed, discuss the problems with temperature recording and improperly calculated averages.
Calculated as an intended outcome, the co-incidence represents odds of a staggering unlikeliness.
There is a common misconception about how efficiency in solar panels is calculated.
Technocracy actually advocates an economic system in which cost is directly calculated in terms of energy inputs.
When they're calculated, only those who are currently receiving benefits are counted.
But when calculated according to the number of computers in each country a different picture emerges.
They are taking calculated steps as part of a long-term strategy.
New software is often carefully calculated to reduce the value to consumers of the previous version.
Where coasts recede because of rising seas, so do the baselines from which such zones are calculated, many scholars say.
He calculated that if he took the initiative, he might stave off deeper and more unwelcome cuts.
It would seem a calculated risk, depending as it does on the continued enthusiasm of volunteers.
The second installment payment is calculated differently.
State officials then calculated each station's estimated sales, based on publicly reported average gas prices for the area.
Change in pay for each executive is calculated using compensation data from the previous fiscal year.
Gain is calculated on the difference between the tax basis of the house and the sales price.
And now, researchers have calculated a number to go with those feelings.
They calculated these rotations based on the alignment of magnetic material in ancient rocks.
If you calculated all the insurance that you pay and is embedded in the cost of goods and services you buy it would be staggering.
In fact, they calculated that a single wrist pad is so strong that it could hold the weight of eight bats.
Extrapolation is always dangerous because you can't be sure your fit behaves well outside the range in which you calculated it.
But no one calculated what would happen if the fail-safes failed.
They also calculated the cost savings emerging from the amount of disease that would be avoided because of lower blood pressure.
Over the past seven weeks, each side has calculated the odds of outbidding the other.
However, one independent researcher has calculated that actual military expenditures could be four or five times larger.

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