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New parties often used angry rhetoric to stir up the sufferers from previous calamities.
It is her vigilance that has prevented a number of potential fiscal calamities.
So-called calamities or tragedies happen not to test the victims, but to test the rest of us.
Amid these calamities, however, a number of noteworthy achievements unfolded.
Yes, many of them might have befallen great personal and financial calamities.
It wouldn't take long for other economic and social calamities to follow.
There is no cost effective way to prevent earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural calamities.
For thousands of years, people have struggled to survive the devastating power of savage natural calamities.
Avoid camera calamities and pack extra batteries in addition to extra memory cards or film.
Exaggeration was the principal element, used best in calamities.
For this money, the public gets nothing but the bitter solace that still worse calamities have perhaps been avoided.
Pointing to specific regional or temporal calamities does not answer the question.
Tragedy inspired this blues about helpless obsessions, fueled by our own greed and arrogance, and the calamities that follow them.
And as neglect of this art is the prime cause of such calamities, so to be a proficient in it is the surest way to acquire power.
Private chagrins are still more dreadful than public calamities.
He says, that if the monks were all what they ought to be, their prayers would preserve the world from public calamities.
They warn us to shun their calamities, and place in our government those necessary powers the want of which destroyed them.
In his letters he ascribes all the calamities of the world to his own sins.
The recurrence of such calamities appears to have convinced politicians that immigration can't be ignored.
It all depends on which calamities humanity manages to avert.
Officials around the world believe this crisis will be cheaper than past calamities.
High-energy neutrinos, of the sort created in cosmic calamities such as supernovae, result in high-energy muons.
And regarding calamities of biblical proportions: as the climate changes, these will become more frequent in future.
Calamities arose from those typhoon-caused unbelievable amount of rainfall.
Habitat destruction often results from natural calamities and destructive and unsustainable practices.
Now, the ability to detect when an ecosystem is approaching the tipping point could help prevent such calamities.
We pray for all families affected by life's calamities.
Frequent occurrences of natural calamities are another barrier to the economic progress of the state.

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