cachet in a sentence

Example sentences for cachet

Amazon has the marketing power and cachet to provide that demo.
They disapprove of the vapid notion that spending more on a soft drink or ice cream can bring happiness or social cachet.
Luckily for high-end watchmakers, the psychosocial cachet of their products doesn't seem to be trailing off.
It seemed ridiculous trying to trade on a movie star's cachet.
Allowing anyone to buy online can mean a loss of cachet.
Youngsters are flocking to poker as never before, attracted by its growing cachet and the ever-expanding pots.
Even though they're arguably more pleasant to drive, they don't carry as much cachet.
Gold has the cachet of the fervent who desire fixing money to gold.
Music's cachet and emotional pull also make it a potent weapon for businesses that want to build their own brands.

Famous quotes containing the word cachet

...I didn't come to this with any particular cachet. I was just a person who grew up in the United States. ... more
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