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Example sentences for cabaret

Cabaret is a stunning musical with one wild wrong note.
And there's always something fresh and bracing and worth checking out on the theater and cabaret scene.
You'd need more algorithms if she were dancing in the wind or the rain or in a smoky cabaret.
Half beat poet and half cabaret chanteuse, she had metamorphosed into a testifying prophet of hypnotic power.
They had a cabaret stage, and they hired me as the house piano player.
Catch a show at the opera, ballet or cabaret and enjoy rich gastronomical gems of the city.
Patrons may choose from a simple trip with an emphasis on the food and view or a more elaborate night with a cabaret show.
The restaurant interior features marble floors, wood-covered walls, cabaret chairs and chandeliers.
When they discovered se was a cabaret singer of unimpressive origin, they dropped the story.
At night, he performed satirical cabaret theatre in smoke-filled cafés.
He was trained as a carpenter, became an actor, and later did cabaret acts.
At first she sang in a cabaret and imitated stage celebrities.
There's a pool tournament, cabaret night, constant gin rummy games and lots of hanging out with friends in the steam room.
You'd think a cabaret show about torch songs would practically ooze emotion.
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