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Today's buttermilk is really fermented milk, different from the byproduct of butter-churning from olden days.
Retention and graduation rates are the byproduct of better educational experiences.
They feed whey, a byproduct of cheesemaking, to a herd of pigs.
Bitterness is a byproduct of the mustard reaction, but that bitterness fades after a day or so.
Desalinization is energy intensive and produces an extremely concentrated brine byproduct with detrimental environmental effects.
Sharks get hooked as a byproduct of other fisheries.
The yeast cells release ethanol as a byproduct of their metabolism, and the ethanol can be distilled to make it more concentrated.
It's partially a byproduct of the global economic crisis.
Other technologies such as hydrogen engines would be a better alternative given their byproduct will not harm the environment.
The nuke problems is the byproduct of design failure.
Honestly, they are largely the byproduct of thousands of years of patriarchal society.
The problem is how the byproduct of consumption is handled.
Ironically, his appeal to bigness of brain is a prime example of confusing a byproduct with an adaptation.
They are not an adjunct to modern life, or part of it, or a byproduct of it.
But they do not tell us whether a serotonin deficit causes depression or, rather, is itself a byproduct of other influences.
Declining crime rates appear to have been one byproduct of this cultural transformation.
Methane is one byproduct of natural decomposition that could be used by such a reactor.
Glutton is the byproduct of the ethanol process and is fed to livestock.
The other byproduct of the digestive process was a slurry which was grade-A fertilizer.
Methane gas is a natural byproduct of bacteria living in manure pits.
Shell last week announced a plan to tackle tailings ponds, a toxic byproduct of extracting and refining oil there.
Instead they're merely the byproduct of natural selection acting on other parts of the panda body.
Indeed, the fact that they are likely a byproduct of human evolution is fascinating in itself.
Rather then a byproduct of the central nervous system, it may be the operating principle.
Pearl millet and sorghum can survive in soils with high levels of salt, a frequent byproduct of water level changes.
He believes those figures are a byproduct of bad breaks.
The rise in used car prices is a byproduct of the recession.
Within an hour, the bag was giving off noticeable heat- a byproduct of the absorption.
Hydrogen is a byproduct of the production of the sugars the algae need to survive.
It's a pity the author didn't elaborate on the famous commercial byproduct of phosphate mining: fluoridation chemicals.
But if the silicon byproduct can be sold or recycled efficiently, the new approach could be economically feasible.
Neither side has provided data for how much byproduct is produced nor are the relative toxicities of those products discussed.
It s a natural byproduct of identifying with the local perspective of individuating perception.
The oxygen byproduct is a bonus, as would be the use of low voltage currents to stimulate new growth in coral reefs, for example.
Increased complexity over time is a byproduct of evolution, but it is not a necessary condition for evolution.
Cd is extracted with zinc as a byproduct, and if it is not used, it remains accessible to dispersal from tailings.
Chlorite is a byproduct formed when chlorine dioxide is used to disinfect water.
Whey, a natural byproduct of cheese production, was once discarded or used as animal feed.
Public comment begins for contamination study of old aluminum byproduct disposal site.

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