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But to bygone generations, casting one's ballot publicly seemed the obvious approach.
But he'll perhaps have a harder time doing so than some bygone nominees.
Therefore, nukes are useless and are a relic of a bygone age.
People approach and want to handle them or share stories of a bygone era.
Pay special attention to the depiction of the newsstand, because it is so wonderful and bygone.
They became artifacts of a bygone communist order and the lost power of its coercive spectacles.
There's pain in his tattered voice but also the adamant, inscrutable, almost impersonal tone of bygone rural blues singers.
The ford carried the heavy traffic of bygone days across the river.
Visitors can experience a bygone era watching proprietors in period clothing conduct business in the style of yesterday.
Many vintage photographs of the hotels and their guests portray tourism in a bygone era.
The area is more than a static piece of history or a crossroads for bygone cultures.
See below for a statute from a bygone era that is nonetheless still good law.

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