buzzed in a sentence

Example sentences for buzzed

It buzzed around the room, beak pressed to the white roof.
Planes and patrol vessels from both sides buzzed around the disputed areas.
He was totally bald, although he had buzzed his hair off himself, since he was going to go bald anyway.
Helicopters buzzed the scattered herds of deer to keep them moving.
The crowd buzzed with jittery excitement, as they always do when it experiences a knockdown.
As scores of other officers swarmed the site, helicopters buzzed overhead.
News of the almond carrots buzzed in the dining room.
The surrounding, elevated galleries buzzed with special guests and members of the public.
When buzzed in, enter the lobby and take the elevator to the third floor.
The only critters biting were the mosquitoes that buzzed incessantly around their heads.
If you're feeling buzzed, you're probably over the limit and risk being arrested for operating while intoxicated if you drive.
His hair is evenly buzzed with sophisticated gray flecks frosting the sides.

Famous quotes containing the word buzzed

She had never known before how much the country meant to her. The chirping of the insects in the long grass had been lik... more
You will believe a bird flew by the window, a wandering bee buzzed in the hallway, a wind rippled the bronz... more
They darted down and rose up like a wave Or buzzed impetuously as before; One would have thought the corps... more
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