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But at weekends the little gardens buzz with the sound of hedge-clippers and television sets.
Get the buzz on how flowers reproduce in this science cartoon.
Laughter and cheers cause a buzz of activity in brain regions that control facial movement.
Commercial greenhouses growers use electric vibration wands to do their own buzz pollination.
Over the past year, there has been a lot of buzz in the aviation industry over the use of alternative fuels.
Yet the election buzz continued, with parties dusting down campaign slogans and plans.
Light dances on the river, bamboo rustles, and dragonflies buzz.
Almost louder than the buzz of the shows, however, was the industry's fretting over its own future.
The discovery is creating a buzz throughout the astronomy community.
But they'll certainly release a film gradually to build buzz if it lacks star power.
Nonetheless, the buzz over a further stimulus will not go away.
It's a golden opportunity to win over new fans, make industry connections and maybe even rack up some buzz.
As you sit down in your tiny, messy cube, fluorescent lights buzz overhead.
Traditionally, bands toured cities and played dive bars to create buzz about their music.
The fact that the clothes may not be wearable is irrelevant: the idea is to create a buzz.
But in general television channels, newspapers and street corners buzz with strongly held opinions.
Afterward, there was a surprised buzz in the auditorium as listeners confessed to loving a sometimes furiously dissonant piece.
Many of his sentences amounted to buzz words strung together, without reaching a point.
Often there are small films that don't have a lot of buzz that turn out to be lovely.
However, it is a hook or buzz that is convenient shorthand for the much more complex concept.
Females impressed by the bower generally return for stage two-the buzz-wing-flip.
Ruddy ducks and cinnamon teal buzz by, while great blue herons lord over them all from the shallows.
Dot looked after him and felt the buzz inside her head begin.
There's plenty of noise in the room, and the buzz is good.
It will be hotly disputed by those who reckon it underplays big-city buzz, say, or overplays security concerns.
Within it, the buzz of activity will continue to grow and fill the vacuum.
The aim was to generate seasonal buzz and press coverage.
When you haven't finished your book, your friends will buzz in your ear.
Seems to be one of the few industries with a lot of good buzz.
Audio port emits buzz when the screen switches modes.
Then use that discipline to create buzz and win coverage with every announcement.
Background sounds in her suburban neighborhood-lawn mowers, planes, barking dogs-intermingled in a deafening buzz.
Of course the goal might have been buzz more than efficacy.
It was exciting to sit and listen to all the buzz about this new, intermediate frontier.
He wore his dark-brown hair, as other soldiers did, in a buzz cut high and tight.
Paradigm has become a buzz word for theorists of the emerging world.
Social shopping is a buzz phrase you'll be hearing a lot about soon.
It is not merely a product of convergence, technology's latest buzz word used to describe the combining of existing technologies.
Visitors can wander through dewy tea plantations and bamboo forests, or swim in a reservoir to the buzz of cicadas.
Spoken words become mere sounds, a meaningless buzz in the ears.
Her buzz-cut hair and soaring vocals added to her toughness.
The place hummed with a certain buzz, but it wasn't loud.

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