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Colleges looking to hire junior faculty members are enjoying something of a buyer's market these days.
Frankly, you want the inspector to find things wrong--these are serious negotiating points in a buyer's market.
The penny-lower price can then raise questions in the buyer's mind about quality.
It's a buyer beware situation, if your skills aren't up to par, you'll likely personally suffer from it.
There will always be those that aren't, but then as with everything: let the buyer beware.
Of course, that's what the reviews are there for: to help the buyer be wary.
Shopping online requires trust between buyer and seller: often, each relies on the other's reputation.
Yes, caveat emptor applies, ie there is an onus on the buyer to understand what they are doing with their data.
Every automobile manufacturer on every continent will manipulate the data in their favor and in doing so will mislead the buyer.
The home buyer credit only created a false bottom for the market.
Although the home buyer credit delayed their descent for a while, you can't keep an overvalued market up forever.
It's a derivative that provides the buyer the ability to sell a specified security back to the put's seller at a specified price.
The perspectives are different and a potential buyer is wise to read both.
As soon as a tuna is sold at auction, it is hauled off to the buyer's stall by cart.
The buyer could buy a small or low-performance system at low cost and upgrade later.
Because they are easy to build to order by scanning the buyer's head and cutting the cardboard to order, it fits perfectly.
Apart from a couple of obvious shortcomings, it should satisfy the budget buyer with the burning desire to make better pictures.
First, marketing a one-bedroom as both a one-bedroom and part of a potential three-bedroom significantly increases the buyer pool.
Claiming this year's first-time home buyer's tax credit is easy.
The buyer owns the space in the apartment and a percentage of all the common areas.
They quickly found a buyer and are awaiting bank approval for the sale.
One played the part of the seller of a petrol station and the other the buyer.
The tax calculation is based on to the agreed purchase price and then the buyer pays the tax as part of sale closing costs.
Before the truck was paid off, the buyer was arrested for drunken driving.
It is impossible for any buyer to be confident about so many variables.
There is a willing seller, but not yet a willing buyer.
The buyer pays a premium for the right to exercise his option should prices move in a set direction.
When that buyer's incentive expires later this year, the car may have a tougher time competing domestically.
So they had no idea how, or even whether, the buyer had paid for the shares.
Traders speculated that a single buyer was trying to corner the market or drive up prices.
But even in a buyer's market, real estate is a case-specific transaction.
It's a stigma that could make it harder to sell your home, as a buyer may not believe the foundation is stable.

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