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Even the butterfly pavilion has some interesting information about co-evolution between insects and plants.
He theatrically turned his head to watch a butterfly flutter by.
She can't really manage to keep up a butterfly life for long, unless she is an exception.
Every thistle, splinter, butterfly over the drainage ditches.
The iridescent azure gleam of the morpho butterfly results from a related form of optical engineering.
She practiced gun-handling and learned how to use the swords and butterfly knives wielded with utter authority on-screen.
The fossils' time-machined hues exist because moths and butterfly wings have what's known as structural color.
The two other games function much the same way but feature a mouse and a butterfly.
In one she imagines being a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly.
The nine-acre garden includes a wide variety of gardens, including a butterfly garden, children's garden and rock garden.
And in a world of butterfly effects, this new data will need to be fed into climate models.
There are thousands of brightly colored and beautiful butterfly species around the world.
There, things go awry when one hunter kills a butterfly, which completely changes the course of history.
Mesmerizing in flight, butterfly patterns weave incredible designs.
Ask him to butterfly them, leaving the two sides attached along the back.
Butterfly bush is among the best nectar sources for butterflies and one of these shrubs will do wonders for your garden.

Famous quotes containing the word butterfly

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