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It's a sausage made from meat from the head and basically any other part of the pig that the butcher wants.
The stew is made of meat donated by a local wholesale butcher and whatever vegetables are around.
The utensils necessary to prepare the dish are an iron or an enamel kettle, a butcher knife, and a long-handled iron spoon.
When professionals butcher an animal, they make it look fairly simple.
Ask around at specialty butcher stores, or try mail-order services.
For uniform texture, ask your butcher to grind it twice for you.
The butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker don't have tenure.
Then they played the trill of the wrens singing immediately after the butcher-birds.
Ask the butcher to weigh the top then get the thing spinning and weigh it again.
Food will be paid for electronically, and no longer will you need to meet with your butcher, bakery or cashier.
Some of the bones had butcher marks, confirming that chunks of fish had been placed in the amphora for shipping.
She points to the eels, says a few words, and watches as the long fish are splayed out as fillets and wrapped in butcher paper.
Domestic animals must be fed and protected long before they're ready to butcher.
As their provisions dwindled, they began to butcher the weakest dogs to feed the others.
It was heavier than butcher paper and completely seamless and beautiful.
We failed miserably and so the rancher began to butcher the cow then and there on the roadside.
Open the door on the right and you will see a long butcher's counter.
Makes you want to go to your local butcher's shop, pick out a piece of chuck, and watch him grind it.
The newspapers and magazines do tend to butcher the science.
The total butcher bill for the war was close to a million.
Jake, the father of the calves, never looked much of a bul and had been sold to a butcher eight months ago.
She went shopping and talked with the employees at the butcher shop and the bakery.
He'd learned how to be a butcher before the music thing swept him up.
We were ushered into a side alley by a butcher who promised us it was secure.
The finished product is cut down the middle and wrapped in white butcher paper for off-premises consumption.
Surprisingly, there was no rush for butcher shops, no frenzied buying.
Do not butcher wild pigs on the farm or feed offal from field-dressed wild pigs to domestic swine.

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