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There are 11000 or so people in Kentucky who came within a course or two of earning a college degree, but never did.
That decline bottomed out in the mid-1990s but the upward trend is now becoming more salient.
I've been to almost every discussion on this, but none have solved my problem.
Burly winter waves surge and retreat, but the roots remain immense.
Disagreeing with people is what brings better changes not only in the office but everywhere.
The loss of such cars saddened enthusiasts, but rarely has a vehicle's demise occasioned an actual funeral.
Yes, this is a picture book, but ever so much more.
The city has but one comic book store that I could find.
Scientific misconduct may be more widespread than realized, but it's also more easily remedied than assumed.
I'm not the best but I'm not the worst.
Dye-sensitized solar cells are flexible and cheap to make, but they tend to be inefficient at converting light into electricity.
The cats ate the birds until the humans killed the cats, but now the rabbits are out of control.
Bed bugs are a nuisance that is on the rise around the world, but the bugs don't spread disease, according to new research.

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