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Example sentences for bustling

They have bustling shops filled with skilled staff members charged with particular duties.
But drive to the address on the contact page and instead you'll find a bustling auto-body repair shop.
Transform empty malls into bustling shopping centers.
At the country's center, it is a transportation hub, home to bustling railroads and the country's busiest airport.
So, as with any outlawed or heavily regulated resource, a bustling underground trade has formed.
Ships often have to wait for hours for their turn to cross the bustling waterway.
The intersection of science and art is bustling with activity.
So, take a load off, the bustling city will be there when you get back.
Code monkeys at bustling startups work long hours and often need some tasty refreshment in a pinch.
But spaceport proponents envision a world destination bustling with space tourists and frequent rocket launches.
The people bustling past you are smarter and more individualized.
Today the pedestrian-free zone is three times larger and serves as the heart of the bustling metropolis.
But those permitted to enter find a bustling high-tech operation.
Bustling newcomer winning plaudits for imaginative dishes and green credentials.
The bustling destinations where work may be found today could become ghost towns by the time the financing is paid off.
In the bustling world of online poker, anyone can win.
The stores here are bursting, bustling commercial establishments, but they never advertise in any conventional way.
Hot spots trigger audio accounts of the city's history as a bustling railroad hub.
One of the best restaurants in the area is this extremely plain yet bustling little corner spot.
Then he excused himself and returned to his bustling emergency room.
Located at the center of bustling downtown on the main pedestrian thoroughfare.
And the task is even more challenging when you're also trying to maintain privacy and create serenity in a bustling urban area.
There are a dozen people bustling about in the operating room, twice the number needed for a typical brain tumor operation.
Yet the mobile-phone store was still bustling, with customers debating calling plans, not leg-before-wicket decisions.
There is much to think and dream about as one leaves the exhibit and enters the bustling fair.
Bustling but in the business of making you feel good.
The busy city is characterized by its modern architecture, multicultural communities and bustling nightlife.
He transformed it into a bustling colonial port city.
The mountains provide a calm and majestic backdrop for the city, which is always bustling with activity.
The fortress is a pleasant walk, providing views of the bustling commuter suburb.
So this image is a polychromatic view of the crowded downtown region of a bustling city: our galaxy.
Taut nerves make the leaders snappish as they scurry about, pausing in little clots of prayer, then bustling to their tasks.
It's a bustling eatery where the fishy fare is served in cones of butcher's paper.
Our location is safe, clean and bustling during normal weekday lunch hours.
The city once served as the bustling commercial, political and social center of the surrounding agrarian region.
Fishing, whaling, and timber forests for shipbuilding created bustling seaports that distributed trade goods throughout the world.

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