buster in a sentence

Example sentences for buster

You're saving us right out of a space program, buster.
For many jet-setters, this restriction is a career-buster.
It can be used as a ground penetrating bunker buster.
You'd think the moon hoax would have been one of the block buster things revealed.
Which means bunker buster bombs that limit casualties on the surface even further.
On the plus side, the plan is less of a deficit-buster than it first appears.
He is a hypocrisy-buster, a truth-teller, a scatological sage.
Buster is neutered, vaccinated for rabies and distemper, chipped and on heartworm preventive.
Buster dragged himself out of bed and grumbled all the way to the bathroom.

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Next we come to the bronchial buster, or the man (it is usually a man) who, being in the throes of a terrif... more
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