busing in a sentence

Example sentences for busing

Community divisions are likely to persist, since busing supporters threaten lawsuits if the new board ends the busing.
Bigger housing projects and busing struck him as dead ends.
Busing is dead as social policy, and affirmative action is tottering.
He spent his childhood summers busing tables in the vacation area's lesser hotels.
But there is a big difference between busing and vouchers.
Such problems can be fixed, by adjusting school catchment areas or-dread word-busing.
One huge negative is that running two parallel systems is hugely expensive and involves a ridiculous amount of busing.
They set off jauntily, she getting a job busing tables, he doing manual labor.
Until human beings cleanse themselves of bigotry, busing will do nothing to bridge the gap between the races.
Not to the suburbs, where many may resent vouchers as busing by other means.
Mandatory busing for school desegregation is now a museum piece.
Such busing is referred to as non-mandated or courtesy busing.
Look at alternatives of staggered school times, changes in busing, and telecommunication.
The group also felt that it would be a good idea to survey the building principals on the busing and the car line.
The intent of the grants is not to provide travel, busing or field trips.
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