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Example sentences for businessperson

It's a welcome sign that the next step in the evolution of the businessperson will be to fully green businessperson.
The businessperson's emotion may be no more genuine than the politician's, but successful bosses will get good at faking it.
In a free society, the law determines what you can and cannot do as a businessperson.
As a computer they seem so crippled that they are no where near completely replacing a laptop for a businessperson.
No businessperson would make such a fundamental error.
Amenities include premium bathroom products, cable television, pillow-top bedding and a work desk for the mobile businessperson.
All rooms provide environmentally-friendly bathroom amenities, pillow-top bedding and work desks for the mobile businessperson.
My dad was not only a great father but an equally great businessperson.
If you are a businessperson, there are meeting rooms for rent and business services are available.
We want to know how our products fit your needs as a businessperson.
These laws regulate how a businessperson charges consumers for goods when the charge is based on a unit of measure or weight.
The registration does not necessarily mean that a contractor is a reputable businessperson.
As in any business, there is a mark-up to any product or service that businessperson offers to the public.
Why penalize someone who has been able to survive farming and become a good businessperson.
Ask the seller for the name of a lender or other reputable businessperson who can give a reference for the seller.
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