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Example sentences for businesspeople

The businesspeople in the room represented a world in which innovation requires disruption.
Finally there are the buoyant, smiling businesspeople.
Most businesspeople don't understand the role patents will play in the future.
Politicians, businesspeople, and entertainers offered tributes.
Business works because businesspeople painstakingly build trusting relationships.
SpeakEasy produces language-learning products for students, travelers, and businesspeople.
But many economists and businesspeople disagree, and their views often prevail in the educational marketplace.
Bakersfield attracts many businesspeople, agriculture and oil workers and travelers.
Scientists, politicians and businesspeople are all fascinated by the moon.
These days businesspeople are falling over each other to prove their greenness.
The newspapers run stories about small businesspeople falling prey to loan sharks.
Businesspeople are working to improve their firms with research and innovation, they know that have to work better day by day.
If governments address those worries, businesspeople may start spending.
The practice continues today, but the voters have replaced the gods, and highly paid businesspeople the goats.
Businesspeople on both sides say the two cities form a single economic unit.
Its money comes from cable subscriptions and from selling advertisers an audience of rich businesspeople.
Businesspeople have realised that billions of pennies can add up to a lot of money.
The various politicians, bureaucrats and businesspeople disagreed about many subjects.
Western policymakers face even more difficult decisions than businesspeople.
Economists and businesspeople complain that the government was slow to respond to the economy's swift descent into recession.
Second, that businesspeople who play it are all weasels who plot fraudulent deals between shots.
It can be a fine thing to have businesspeople in government, when the objective is to recruit competence and expertise.
Two years later, the group linked top politicians, army officers and businesspeople with illegal logging.
These frustrated potential visitors and businesspeople look elsewhere for their vacation and long-term business plans.
US trade events are prime venues to identify and meet with motivated overseas businesspeople attending the shows.
He has studied the needs of small businesspeople, as well as those of large developers.
The audience was made up of many retirees, local businesspeople on their lunch hour, and others.
That's commuters and businesspeople, families heading on vacations and day trips and truckers moving goods, products and freight.
It is the language of professionals, businesspeople, tradesmen and laborers.
Burke also appreciates the important role businesspeople can play in the community.
Hotels and restaurants often offer special holiday menus to attract families, couples, and businesspeople throughout the year.
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