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But that doesn't take away from his accomplishments as a marketer, businessman and trendsetter.
Mace, a businessman who has been president of the college for almost two years, was released on bond a day later.
He considers himself a businessman first and a cowboy second.
Musk the businessman sees a need people are willing to pay for that he can provide more efficiently than others.
Mark, a businessman, made intricate wax figures and compulsively photographed buildings from many angles.
The bad guys are represented by a craven businessman and a scarred ex-Marine.
He was a businessman now, dependent on contracts obtained from oceanographers, who in turn had to get grants from the government.
Though he may have been a good designer or businessman or other such things, my priorities are different.
He's a cynical businessman who plays on the anxieties of his listeners.
He's a wealthy businessman, and reporters have noticed his lack of comfort in relating to voters.
The businessman gives up the inner world, and clings to the outer as his way.
The businessman has long been advised to take care of his own business.
His father is a businessman, too busy with his factory to visit his two sons in their school.
It was easy for me to believe that he was a businessman since he looked the role.
Businessman turns accident into adventure for challenged kids.

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