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Straightforward measuring tools are efficient and businesslike, but not fun.
To many, it seemed obvious that a new bureau was needed to manage these areas in an efficient, businesslike way.
Courts can be efficient and businesslike while being patient and deliberate.
Therefore, it must have a businesslike appearance, produced in a professional manner.
However, it's in the interest of all universities to behave in a businesslike and entrepreneurial fashion.
The national digital public-library system could and should be businesslike in ways beyond cost-justification.
Indeed, when it comes to businesslike administration of the carrot, she unveils some cheap psychological tricks of her own.
The performance sequences at their best come close to ecstasy, while the rehearsal sequences are disciplined and businesslike.
His grimly businesslike speech was a gritty, almost masochistic exercise in the taking of responsibility.
Corporal punishment used to be carried out in a businesslike fashion.
The new parliament may be a bit more businesslike and less turbulent than its predecessor.
Instead, it has been able to concentrate on looking more businesslike than its opponents.
Despite this businesslike plan and a relatively cautious set of forecasts, the merger could still go wrong.
Already, senior sources are saying that from now on the coalition is going to be more businesslike, and less trusting.
He favours a more businesslike approach, involving a more liquid market for investors to buy and sell ideas.
They affect a demotic and businesslike style, with much use of bullet-points and other devices for the intellectually impaired.
Many of the new philanthropists are well aware that traditional philanthropy is not sufficiently businesslike.
Above all, they admire his businesslike approach to government.
The mood in its offices is cheery, slick, businesslike.
The government is relatively clean, refreshingly businesslike, and beloved of foreign donors.
Today, the best foundations are increasingly businesslike.
Presumably he deliberately avoided his famous rabble-rousing campaign style to appear calm, businesslike, and in full control.
Remember that being businesslike doesn't mean you must be cold and unyielding.
Leave romantic banter to the scriptwriters and try to maintain a businesslike demeanor.
Don't be put off by those who seem highly businesslike and unapproachable.
It was a strangely serene and businesslike display of exultation.
Be businesslike and refrain from making degrading remarks or unfounded accusations.
Dressing in a businesslike manner will help you make a good impression at your interview.
Write things down and keep businesslike records of important agreements.
Being courteous, competent, businesslike when dealing with people.
Users are expected to conduct themselves in a businesslike manner.
All interviews should be conducted in a courteous and businesslike manner.
Your dress should be neat and businesslike and reflect the serious nature of the interview.
Write things down and keep businesslike records of your agreements and appointments.

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