business end in a sentence

Example sentences for business end

They take their violence to places where they are more likely to succeed and less likely to see the business end of a shotgun.
Pull the trigger and pure oxygen flows from the tank into a barrel at the cutter's business end.
With a grammar and words to fill it, the reader is equipped for the business end of the book: reference.
This, however, has a tiny balloon at its business end.
The business end of the farm, that which aimed to make money, was livestock.
And so, inevitably, it has introduced many an artist to the business end of the hype cycle.
The business end of the transistor sits on the pin's bent tip and penetrates the cell.
These drugs get their name from the beta-lactam ring, the circular chemical structure that forms their business end.
The business end of the software used to be a filter, but it's now a standalone program that can be downloaded for free.
If not for the legal system that dog would have experienced the business end of a shotgun, long ago.
Unfortunately, the business end of some companies may not be aware of these requirements so be careful here.
They still have to defend if you and the outfitting business end up in court.
Bills arriving after a company is out of business end up being uncollectible.
The fiscal agent is not a direct service provider but handles the business end of securing services and supports.
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