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Example sentences for business card

When receiving a business card, make a show of examining it, then put it into your card case or place it on the table.
In one corner of his business card is a space shuttle next to a skunk.
The tires were about the width of a business card and provided roughly the same level of grip.
The service also recommends that you always read a business card immediately upon receipt and offer one in return.
Whenever you go out, be sure to carry a business card with your hotel's name and phone number.
There is also a similar business card offer available.
Most of us would hand over a business card or write the information on a scrap of paper.
It is a good idea to request the interviewer's business card before leaving the interview.
Please contact us about custom business card designs.
Choose from approved agency business card templates, including templates for different departments and seals.
The defendants offer and sell business card and brochure display rack business opportunities.
Tape your business card to the bottom of your laptop.
Never hire a contractor who does not have a business card or local phone number and address.
Make any revisions on an existing business card in red ink.
My worker has a city business license and business card, so the worker is an independent contractor.
Please include your business card for the ad, along with a three to five word description of your business.
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