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After a moment of stunned quiet, tourists at the site busily snap pictures with cameras and cell phones.
Inside, volunteers busily set tables, stir boiling pots and dish out plates of food they've been planning and preparing for weeks.
When people are busily sensing or doing something, the region involved in self-monitoring quiets down.
It booted up the natural cell's machinery and busily set to work making proteins and, ultimately, dividing and thriving.
As you read this, mitochondria are busily churning away in every single cell in your body.
Finally, scholars were busily refining their appreciation of how first-century writers had used language.
We are experimenting busily, in other words, with any new technology that emerges in this extraordinarily fertile era.
Now when he had done all his work busily, again he seized yet other two and made ready his supper.
And he set to cutting timber, and his work went busily.
And it's big: a hundred light years across, and busily forming lots and lots of stars.
While our bodies lie still, our brain is busily working away processing the day's memories.
He'd been sure of his idea from the start, and he had been busily extending the principle into every known corner of the universe.
At libraries, the volumes sit ignored for days on end as information-seeking patrons tap busily away at nearby computers.
One crew hoisted lights for night skating, while another busily polished rest stands for skaters.
To keep valuable workers busily engaged, employers are constantly upgrading services for handling errands at the office.
Two spacious floors of dark, glittering, busily decorated space try to add downtown style.
And still the cinema goes busily about its task of terrorizing the children.
Companies are busily reworking their executive pay schemes.
So he has been busily throwing his weight behind a different campaign.
He is busily rallying supporters and planning his defence.
Five lobbying firms are busily at work, and an online effort to enlist support is under way.
Countless firms, busily tinkering with their business models, provide a source of variation.
Behind the scenes some of these have been busily seeking exemptions.
His ground troops have been busily registering new voters in the cities.
They are already busily looking for opportunities in emerging markets to offset the lost revenue.
Their daily routine can be observed as they are up with the sun and busily foraging along well-worn paths.
We are busily collecting neutrino and anti-neutrino interaction events and working to understand them.
If there is a crowd of fishermen busily pulling in fish, it would be foolish to do anything but join them.
Squirrels busily search for their buried nuts or, if unsuccessful, merely raid the bird feeder.
Our team is busily examining that information and drafting the rule notice that needs to be out for public comment by the fall.
Here in a tiny room are humming instruments busily recording air quality and weather conditions.
Emily indicated that she would not be requesting a recount and that she is busily preparing for nursery school.
He also busily kept a journal in which he wrote daily observations of animal movements, weather, and excursions.

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