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Unless you mount the sucker to a tripod and then bury the tripod a few feet in the ground, the video's gonna look shaky.
Now bury the rock and place a landscape flag into the ground above the rock.
They may even gently bury the seeds in the mosses at the plant's feet.
Bury the foods you do add, or turn the pile to cover new materials.
If the webmaster doesn't agree to have the negative content removed, your next best option is to bury it.
To claim that the new study is in any way shocking, be that to praise it or to bury it, is simply ridiculous.
If you're on your property, you can bury a box with a prize in it.
Fearing that, some will probably order the bulldozers quietly to bury what they unearth.
There are those that specialize in the ordure of sloths, animals that bury their dung.
University officials plan to bury another time capsule in the walls of the new building.
During the dry season, they bury themselves in the mud, where they can survive for months at a time.
So the lesson here is not to put charcoal in a bag or bury it in pits or caves.
They may linger near a dead body for days and partially bury it.
Don't bury such details in a forest of other material.
Ants that work cooperatively can handle bigger seeds, while ants that tend to work alone bury smaller seeds.
Technological advances often bury quaint vestiges of simpler times.
Toadfish tend to reside in still, shallow water and bury themselves in the sandy bottom.
But used nuclear fuel is to valuable to bury at sea.
They bury them underground to avoid interference from cosmic rays and other less exotic sources.
Four years on, it will take more than a piece of paper to bury their differences.
Small impacts from space debris would then kick up material that would bury this oxygenated layer to a depth of a few meters.
Also to bury your charcoal you have to plough it in.
As a rule of thumb, it is safest to bury a seed no deeper than its length.
Bury the coke in land-fill sites and burn the hydrogen to produce electricity.
Fill the other half of the worm bin with fresh bedding and bury food scraps on that side.
Bury the scraps in a pocket of bedding so that fruit flies cannot feed on them and proliferate.
They used to bury people high up on the cliff so the dead could be closer to heaven.
To protect this source of food from rodent seed predators, native ants bury the seeds.
Bury fresh scraps under a layer of existing materials, and water as needed to keep the pile moist.
Be sure to bury food scraps to make compost piles less attractive for wildlife.
Travelers' tales over the centuries have conjured up a belief that elephants collect and bury the bones of other elephants.
Squirrels bury acorns, which are seeds, in different places.
Consult the packet directions to determine the depth to which you need to bury the seeds.
The idea of a landfill is to bury the garbage in a pit.
Bury scraps beneath bedding material to keep odors down and discourage flies.
Add water, if needed, and break up and bury extremely wet patches with drier materials.
Bury food scraps within the pile to decrease odor and likelihood of vermin.
Then they were going to bury her, but she still looked as if she were living, and still had her pretty red cheeks.
All right, we've returned from the graveyard to bury the thread.
Bury money in an old coal mine and announce it, demand will drive the economy naturally.
The solution: bury people in the old limestone mines carved under the city.
They radioed that the village elders were asking to bury their dead.
If it gets caught in salt marsh as the tide goes out, it will bury itself in the mud and wait for the tide to rise again.
The agoutis eat some of the seeds and bury others for later.
Salmon need gravel of a certain size to bury their eggs.
We'd bury the dead and draw a map of the grave site, so their families could find it.
When they see us, they scream and bury their heads in the donkey's flanks and necks.
They don't have time to search for relevant information, so don't bury it.
Now bury them in the southwest corner of the garden.
Till they revive, or bury them in cool grots, making lamentation.
One of the many unfortunate qualities shared by the arenas of sports and politics is a rush to bury people before they're dead.
In the recession, credit froze all around the developed world, and private debt threatened to bury the financial markets.
She felt a sudden impulse to bury her face into this display full of meat and devour it.
They bless babies, they bury elders, they sanctify marriages.
Nobody had noticed it until they went out to find a spot to bury him.
In a windswept, snow-dusted forest clearing, three siblings bury their eight-month-old brother.
But people don't usually abandon gold coins, or trouble to bury them if they do.
We can't edit them out, or bury them in a flurry of tweets.
Scientists usually bury their failures or learn from them to ultimately achieve success.
Perhaps that was the secret to experiencing this country: you had to bury yourself so deeply in it that you avoided suffering it.
Alas, many locals would rather bury their concrete bunker, rather than celebrate it.
They were kept in the house for a few days and then told to dig a pit to bury the bodies of soldiers killed in the fighting.
Lava can burn, bury, and destroy everything in its path.
The giant river rays are extremely difficult to catch, as they bury themselves in mud when hooked.
In the past, the town charged a fee to bury loved ones in the crowded cemetery.
Even then, because the snakehead can bury itself in the mud for several months, some could survive the draining.
They then bury their bills, or even their entire heads, and suck up both mud and water to access the tasty morsels within.
Another investigation would serve to bury this crime deeper than its already been buried.
As humans have evolved, they've learned there are good reasons not to bury an empty coffin.
In a world with no one left to bury the bad stuff, decaying chemical containers would slowly expose their lethal contents.
Many were dead and others almost dead, and nobody had the health or strength to help the diseased or bury the dead.
They can leave the bodies lying around and then kick their dogs when they bring back pieces, or they can bury them.
Grow plans to bury some of the ashes of both animals at the sanctuary.
Sawyer was thus predestined to time travel and bury the ring even if he had no idea of its existence.
Now, to wade through the pile of feces to whatever relevant point you've chosen to bury within it.
If you try to dig a hole from above, you can end up compressing the snow and bury them deeper.
What's more, owners can bury the bags in the yard, so that they are undisturbed and out of the way.
On only the second day of the epidemic, sufferers are locked in a disused hospital without so much as a shovel to bury their dead.
Step two: bury the foraged things-yuca, squashes, eggs-in the ash.
At any moment, site managers can see which pieces are faring well and which poorly and can promote or bury them accordingly.
He played well enough today to bury five birdies but also peppered his round with two bogeys and a double.
Seems he planned this interview as a chance to bury the hatchet.
Then they came back in the middle of the night to bury them.
The effort taken to bury and decorate the remains implies the infants or their families were held in high esteem, she notes.
But even if you bury the bomb, some clues will reach the surface.
One way to dispose of it is to bury the gas underground.
It likes to partially bury itself in soft mud and is said to be especially speedy at tunnelling and digging.
Volcano landslides bury large areas with rock debris.
The killing of the lucrative tabloid was intended to bury the scandal that threatened this extraordinary power base.
Some bury their medicine in sofa cushions or flush it down the toilet.

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