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Example sentences for burrowing

The eyes of moles and of some burrowing rodents are rudimentary in size, and in some cases are quite covered by skin and fur.
Birds to look for include nesting burrowing owls, great white egrets, great blue herons and a variety of waterfowl.
Closer to the ground, sage grouse, western meadowlarks and burrowing owls might be flushed along roads and hiking trails.
Especially when you consider preservation of various burrowing animals.
The burrowing owl makes its home in abandoned burrows.
The larva leaps onto the wasp, burrowing into its abdomen, where it will feed on its host's blood.
Burrowing into an asteroid and using it as a spacecraft solves a lot of problems that a conventional spacecraft has.
Species at risk include bottom-dwelling species, burrowing crustaceans such as shrimp, and filter-feeding shellfish.
Burrowing species have a large variety of nest designs that may limit damage and mortality.
She closed her eyes and was burrowing in deep when heavy footsteps started up the stairs.
Burrowing owls have an affinity for the dung of other animals.
For many decades the burrowing-ancestor theory had held sway.
But that's not where the burrowing rodent's abilities end.
The small species is by far the earliest known burrowing mammal to have fed on communal insects, such as termites.
The forelimbs may have been used for rowing, and they were almost certainly used for digging and burrowing.
The burrowing animals eat cicada nymphs, which live underground.
Once in a human's bloodstream, the parasite lodges in the liver, burrowing into cells where it feasts and multiplies.
When burrowing, a meerkat can close its ears to keep out dust and dirt.
And though history may be written by the winners, archaeological history can be rewritten by the burrowing of armadillos.
The field and pasture damage caused by wombat burrowing can be a destructive nuisance to ranchers and farmers.
Today, plague is still spread mainly by fleas on burrowing rodents.
They can survive much longer periods of drought by burrowing into the mud.
Bunker-busters work best if they detonate after burrowing into the ground.
The hyphae of mycelia tend to fuse whenever they meet, forming complex networks that easily withstand digging and burrowing.
It wonderful for burrowing ever deeper into a subject, less good for making connections between disparate areas.
Science is burrowing its way into ever further into popular culture.
Many characteristics of snakes today could have evolved as they became suited to a burrowing lifestyle.
Burrowing rodents gobble it and wander off to excrete the spores elsewhere, ideally under an uncolonized oak.
However, that left the cats with less available prey and caused them to begin hunting the island's native burrowing birds.
Let's not forget the real heroes out there burrowing in the hay, ruining their eyes, and fighting the mice.
Burrowing mammals dig burrows and tunnels in rangeland that can be quite extensive.
Burrowing owls nest in abandoned prairie dog tunnels.
Burrowing owls are usually tolerant of human activity but vulnerable to predation by domestic pets.
The burrowing owls are unique in that they nest underground.
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