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Imagine you are poking a stick into an animal's burrow.
Each burrow has a mound of excavated dirt at the entrance where the animal can often be seen standing.
With the official arrival of winter comes the human urge to burrow.
Give him a word, and he would burrow joyously into its etymology.
For about six weeks after birth, mothers do not allow entry into the nursery burrow.
The more they slipped, the farther from their burrow they stopped.
The clam uses a tiny foot to burrow into the seafloor as it grows.
Each time they venture out from the safety of their burrow their lives are under constant threat from predators.
These segments are covered in setae, or small bristles, which the worm uses to move and burrow.
Wooden stakes mark several mounds, and many of the burrow openings are masked by chicken wire.
Some cells burrow into old bone so that new bone can be laid down in their wake.
Nor can giants do a lot of things that smaller creatures can do, such as burrow into the ground, climb trees or fly.
They burrow beneath yards and roadways by the hundreds of thousands, sometimes causing streets to collapse in their wake.
The southern hairy-nosed wombat hides beneath the surface in an elaborate burrow.
Meerkat pups start to play as soon as they can totter about the burrow.
She explained how they live and burrow in the muddy sea floor.
Burrow through cities worldwide with these detailed and easy-to-read subway maps.
Pentastomes use their hooks to burrow from the stomach to the lungs.
No crab has ever been attacked by a truck when standing outside its burrow.
Special infrared cameras were trained on each burrow opening.
Though the snakes are removed, the damage to the burrow and its other inhabitants remains.
Some animals migrate to warmer climes for the winter and others burrow deep underground to sleep until spring.
Five stared, barked at us, and disappeared into the burrow.
He felt the sting of the sea burrow deep in his lungs.
The deep shaft mines burrow straight down to where the largest seams of coal were formed, far beneath the surface.
The topography was thought to deter a prisoner's inclination to try to burrow to freedom.
The caterpillars eat the leaves of plants, and then the moths burrow into fruit, causing it to rot.
Experience the life of a prairie dog in our virtual burrow.
The sound of a rabbit crouching at the edge of his burrow almost made him run.
Always going on about their plans to extend their burrow, and trying to show you photos of their calves.
She is always sweeping her burrow, polishing and tidying.
Many parents fear that the rodents will spread disease, or that children will trip in a burrow and break their bones.
The woodchuck sleeps in his burrow, with never a whimper, and the hound dog bays the white-circled moon.
To defend against so many enemies, prairie dogs commonly perch on the large mounds at burrow entrances and look for danger.
Snakes that are able to flee the burrow will do so-into the arms of hunters.
Critters big and small trample, crush, and plow rocks as they scurry across the surface and burrow underground.
Another theory is that the dinosaur was in a cave or burrow and covered instantly in a thick ashfall.
Puffin couples often reunite at the same burrow site each year.
The mature seeds had been damaged-perhaps by the squirrel itself, to prevent them from germinating in the burrow.
She dated the seeds directly, and her results matched age estimates from other samples from the same burrow.
Physicists now burrow down deep here, oddly enough, to mine the heavens.
While some frogs burrow underground or create protective cocoons, cane toads simply lose water until they die of dehydration.
He found that the snakes will quickly find a new turtle nest and burrow into it.
Today's lungfish, when their ponds disappear, dig a burrow with their teeth and hide in it until the next rain.
The fences keep out the cows-this is open range country-but other animals gnaw and burrow their way in.
Prior to collapsing a burrow, always check for owls or other protected wildlife occupying the burrow for the winter.
The recommended method of backfilling a burrow in an embankment is mud-packing.
These small kangaroo rats live in burrow systems approximately eight to ten inches below the ground.
Can excavate own burrow but usually enlarges burrows started by mammals and uses same burrow for years if not disturbed.
Once pouches are full, the chipmunk returns to the burrow to store the food.

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