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Example sentences for burnt

No burnt out alcoholics at the end of the bar in these images.
To keep the weight down, the engines spit out lots of half burnt particles.
Yet another, in a different suburb, is burnt to a shell.
The author herself was caught in an explosion and burnt.
He sits at his workbench amid a pile of electronic parts, squinting at a burnt fuse.
One modern exception is a superb dish called lobster with burnt pork.
In poor settlements east of the city, foreigners were burnt alive, as some residents watched and laughed.
From time to time a house would be burnt down, villagers said.
The air in the auditorium smelled faintly of burnt herbs.
Many of the rest have nothing, and return to villages burnt and emptied during the war.
Oh, if you get burnt by the hot fondue grease they are quick with the lotion, it's healed fine thanks.
He worries about his students getting burnt out from working too long.
In lawns too burnt up to be cut, yellow-flowered hawkweeds have sprung up.
Some of those places get bad press and workers are burnt out.
No because you trust your scientific knowledge to know that you will get burnt.
Shortly before noon, a wagon was seen moving toward the station, coming from the direction of the stations reported burnt.
It's color was metallic gold sunward and burnt umber on the shielded side.
Soldiers, diplomats and foreign correspondents share this: the experience of national policy at the burnt end.
Using protective gloves or under cool running water, peel burnt skins.
The stove is then lit and burnt for a batch time of about five-to-six hours, depending on the dimensions of each particular stove.
Upon inspection, he discovered that the voltage supply was burnt out.
The binary star system consists of two white dwarfs-the burnt-out cores of sunlike stars.
Working all day, every day, leaves me a little burnt out at night.
The way you have worded them, you'd be burnt toast as a candidate.
By the time they wake up and smell the coffee it, and they, will be burnt to a crisp.
Coal does not destroy huge areas of the ocean when it is mined and burnt.
Totally not our fault, since lightning storms would have burnt them all down anyway.
For the first time, a consistently pleasant, un-burnt taste was possible.
In some places an effigy representing a witch used to be burnt in the bonfire.
His relations gave a funeral banquet and solemnly burnt the effigy.
Another source of nitrogen pollution comes from fossil fuels, which produce nitrogen oxides when they are burnt.
Having had their fingers badly burnt, firms are still cautious about taking on debt.
These then inevitably need to be burnt which brings us to the old, yet to some extent sensible subject of global warming.
Next to the burnt shell is a house with a scorched awning.
Some early green paints were so corrosive that they burnt into canvas, paper and wood.
Burnt lime has been the historic agricultural lime of choice.

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