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Example sentences for burnish

He must be careful not to trade away his goal of near-universal coverage to burnish his credentials as a deficit-cutter.
The burnish of private money also helped make the college more of a supportive community.
It is also keen to burnish its anti-inflation credentials.
The last vestiges of sunlight gild and burnish the pink walls.
Donovan, who ran the marketing arm of the company, helped burnish its outlaw image.
Palace propagandists have struggled to burnish his image.
He left the state with a budget deficit, but has since tried to burnish his credentials as a hawk on spending.
He is serving his second and final term in office, a natural time to look overseas to burnish his legacy.
Many wonder whether his clean-government drive is intended to burnish his credentials in a looming struggle for power.
On the one hand, their involvement lets them burnish their brands in a fast-growing market.
Its suppliers knew these colorful figures in years past, and the years do burnish memory.
And it may burnish his reputation in ways that even beatification can't.
Volunteering is a time-honored way to make contacts, learn skills and burnish a résumé during a career transition.
Journal editors know that press coverage can burnish a journal's reputation.
Exciting new buildings can burnish art museums' reputations, and museums are commissioning lots of them.
They then burnish the pots with a smooth stone and decorate them.
Some of them have even created their own accrediting agencies to burnish the patina of respectability.
Memoirs and diaries were written in part to burnish reputations, and preserve for posterity one's recollections.
It was then that she began experimenting with the burnish and firing techniques, she later mastered.
Try these suggestions to build your reputation as an expert and burnish your business's image.
After erasures and burnish ing, texture shall permit redrawing of sharp lines in ink.
They were convinced that the other guy was using their guy to burnish his own reputation.

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