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Follow label directions for dilution to avoid burning plants.
The consequences of burning fossil fuels are already apparent.
My dad reversed the idea: the burning of his office extinguished something in him.
It is the normal by-product of human respiration and the burning of fossil fuels-probably the main culprit in global warming.
Others conceded defeat because they couldn't withstand the army's tactics of burning villages and turning people into refugees.
In the higher-education business, such burning-off measures already are fairly permanent.
In fact, vehicle-burning has become the suburban crime of choice.
Burning churches, and the perceived danger of worsening violence, will unnerve foreign investors and tourists.
For many hours mobs controlled the streets, burning and looting as they pleased.
The amount of heat you get from burning a litre of ethanol is a third less than that from a litre of petrol.
About half of its energy comes from burning coal, a prolific producer of greenhouse gases.
It has left him with a burning sense of the importance of management.
It was not, however, a whiff of burning rubber that gave it away.
The metal or metals within the pyrotechnic mixture and the burning temperature dictate the color and intensity of the light.
We first started by burning wood and other organic matter, then added in whale oil.
Humans may have been causing climate change for much longer than we've been burning fossil fuels.
Her brain is certainly doing better burning on ketones instead of glucose.
The worm eventually pushes its way out of the skin, causing an excruciating burning sensation.
The duration of the test would need to track burning of and consumption of calories on days with no work out at all also.
We have on a large scale limited ourselves to the simple concept of generating electricity by burning fossil fuels.
Canadians make the mistake of burning a premium fuel, natural gas, to endothermically refine heavy crude oil.
In our house would have a couple bulbs burning for that length of time in any given day.
Than his bright throne, or burning axle-tree could bear.
In the melee that ensued they succeeded in burning one of the trains, but not in getting anything from it.
The flames of his burning citadel reached the eyes of the unfortunate monarch during his flight and he expired with grief.
On every altar fragrant oil was burning in gorgeous lamps of silver.
What baulks or breaks others is fuel for his burning progress to contact and amorous joy.
They cut a branch from a certain tree in the desert, set it on fire, and then sprinkled the burning brand with water.
What balks or breaks others is fuel for his burning progress to contact and amorous joy.
And at last comes equanimity and the flame burning clear.
The beans should be cooked all night, a fire kept burning for the purpose.
When a log was cut out of its side every flame that used to come forth at each outlet was a big as the blaze of a burning oratory.
And rather than burning fuel, it blows the stuff up.
The tobacco farthest from the burning tip might be a balmy temperature, from a bacterial point of view.
Players have a choice of four abilities: pushing, pulling, levitating and burning.
Honda says it will consider a full-on fossil-fuel burning model if the demand is there.
The embers of upheaval kept burning, almost invisibly.
It will hopefully answer some burning questions that keep geologists up at night.
The water lit and kept burning as long as it remained in the radio frequency field.
The biggest culprit is the burning of fossil fuels by coal-burning power plants, factories, and automobiles.
It can be extracted without burning a fossil fuel such as coal, gas, or oil.
Burning helped to preserve the rich trove of artifacts found amidst the charred floor materials.
These adaptable primates store fat in their tails and hind legs, burning it when forage is lean.
These maneuvers allowed engineers to change the craft's speed and direction without burning fuel.
The shafts also channeled burning jet fuel throughout both towers.
Skin cancer generally is curable by cutting, burning or freezing the tumor cells, but untreated it can be deadly.
The aromas of wave-washed rocks and burning cinnamon sticks may be coming soon to a meal near you.
Second, healthcare venture funds that survived the crash had full portfolios of companies burning cash at alarming rates.
Their fraternity pins are burning holes in their lapels.
Time and again, slow-burning environmental crises have emerged to devastate civilizations.
The embers of the evening's fire are kept burning through the night.
The same was true of burning, or concentrating light on an area of the print.
Critical final step: turn off the flame when the upper section is half full, to avoid overheating and burning the coffee.
By evening the sun, hanging low in a red-gray sky, was burning obliquely across salt flats and blackened rock barrens.
Most of the electricity that powers the world's refrigerators is generated by burning fossil fuel.
When the characters in that show spun their wheels and went nowhere, you could smell the burning rubber.
She wanted to get inside because she was attracted by a burning candle in the room.
We took hits of the harsh dope, cooling our burning throats with sips of beer.
Circling the lawn was a high red brick wall, dressed in a seemly way with slowly burning ivy.
The burning operations were removing millions of gallons of oil.
Curtains drop burning fragments that in turn start their own flames.
And though it's the cleanest-burning of the fossil fuels, it's still a fossil fuel.
It went wrong and some spectators got sprayed with burning fluid when a bottle caught fire.
The atmosphere wouldn't be able to supply the oxygen at the rate it's needed during an explosive burning.
Because we're burning through options to support any number of pulp fantasies that will never be realized.
Curiosity is a burning hunger that can never be satiated.
It's not impossible that an airplane could be destroyed by an object burning up in the atmosphere.
Now it's all deadlocked government, payrolls that can't be met, and fires burning everything up.
His burning focus on his bodily processes may seem regressive, but for a dancer eating and digestion are professional concerns.
Vast amounts of the clean-burning fossil fuel have been discovered in shale deposits, setting off a gas rush.
Larger sizes would solve obesity by burning off extra calories.
The engine produces power by burning gasoline, which generates heat.
Steam engine burning fossil fuels are actually more efficient than internal combustion.
If you feel guilty about burning food for fuel, there is an excellent solution: buy some grain and donate it to the needy.
The burning oil would also create a plume of smoke and air pollution, which could affect flying birds.
The pair faced charges including reckless endangerment and dangerous burning.
Eventually, every single system would fail, not infrequently accompanied by the smell of burning wires.
Stir frequently to prevent burning and remove from heat when fragrant.
The structure and energetics of hydrocarbons burning in a pool fire configuration are reviewed.
As a result, backyard burning is now the nation's largest quantified source of dioxins.

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