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Plants with bright colors and the ground still burned by the fire.
The fire burned for more than two months before an oil company team could make arrangements to quell it.
Camouflaged troops fire at shadows in burned-out skeletons of buildings.
For eight hours the top floor of the two-story building burned while the fire department trained hoses on the flames.
However, if you play with fire, prepare to get burned.
It is as bad to spit out the fire and be ashamed as to swallow it and be burned.
They conversed by signs and glances, and the fire burned more intensely for being covered up.
The fire killed hundreds of people, left one third of the city burned to the ground, and over a hundred thousand people homeless.
These include heat from the partial combustion, a gaseous mixture called syngas that can be burned as fuel, and a heavy oil.
Solid biofuels burned for heat will displace liquid fossil fuels that can then be re-purposed for transportation uses.
But first they had to purify themselves, so they built a fire, and pulled some of their underarm hair out and burned it.
The explosion there spewed debris and radioactive materials over a wide distance, and sparked a fire that burned for days.
Any fuel source can be burned to heat the engine from the outside.
The lignin is then typically burned to produce the heat that drives sugar fermentation and other processes.
When this elemental sulfur is burned in the air, it forms sulfur dioxide.
White dwarfs are stars that have burned up all of the hydrogen they once used as nuclear fuel.
For two decades, western wildfires have grown hotter, burned longer-and become ever more unpredictable.
Some squatters dug them up and burned them, hoping to avoid a scientific excavation that would delay town development.
Many of the texts could have been burned or otherwise destroyed.
At first, the indigenous people burned the clothing and accepted the machetes.
From the ships and airfields come the wounded-some horribly burned, others riddled by bullets and shrapnel.
Set to clear land for agriculture, they have often spiraled out of control and burned neighboring forests.
These nonrenewable resources create pollution when burned and contribute to global climate change.
Ashamed, he burned all extant copies of it, a treatise on comedy.
But coal has tremendous environmental impacts long before it is burned for energy, and long after.
However, untold manuscripts have also rotted and crumbled and burned on paper.
For the bodies of those beasts, whose blood is brought into the sanctuary by the high priest for sin, are burned without the camp.
The fly flutters about the candle till at last it gets burned.
Forests that survived the last ice age are chopped down and burned.
But for a thunderstorm that must have seemed heaven-sent, many of the city's public buildings might have burned to the ground.
The mice became lighter and leaner after being deprived of food, and they ate less and burned more energy.
It was somewhat sweet smelling when burned and it does get a little tacky when in contact with alcohol.
Lastly, it was burned and dodged, and many imperfections in the veins of the leaves were removed.
Great balance with the burned white t-shirt and the overall dark surroundings.
Beth says that if the preparation goes really wrong, the burned caramel sticks to the pot and you have to throw the pot away.
Apparently, it makes a certain ubiquitous chain's burned beans taste less bitter.
Aloe has been used for centuries as a natural soothing and healing treatment for burned skin.
If this happened, the tube would be burned out, leaving permanent spots on the image or worse.
Both engineer and skeleton were burned at the stake.
Those who got burned by the market are many in number, and they'll be wary about making big bets on real estate for a while.
Investors got burned: the mortgages they trusted turned out to be poisonous.
Left unsaid is that if the detonation were slightly closer to the structures, they all would have burned.
The farm-if it works-will replace burned-out neighborhoods.
Many have candidly told me they are burned out, but they can't afford to leave until their pension fully vests.
At some point it burned its way into the left main gear well, but it did not explode the tires.
The unexpected defeat sparked protests and burned effigies of team members.
When it became necessary, his group burned its abandoned wagons, then moved on and built a state.
The reason is that the ash left over when coal is burned contains radioactive elements, notably uranium and thorium.
They also tend to produce poor-quality coal which generates relatively high levels of pollution when burned.
Many pension funds got their fingers burned in the property downturn.
His pickup truck, too, has been overturned and burned.
Delays, reworking and compensation to customers all burned cash.
But if investors ever wake up and notice that the yellow metal is little more useful than tulips, the gold bugs will be burned.
That, in turn, can be burned to generate electricity.
Diesel derived from coffee is less thick and can usually be burned in an engine with little or no tinkering.
People remained in their seats while the building burned down around them.
Almost as much energy is used to make it as when it is burned.
Some polling stations were burned down and poll workers attacked.
Each one of them has been burned financially, one way or the other.
They found that bats burned the sugars they ingested within minutes.
Not only will it drive the cost of food up, but the stuff becomes fairly toxic when it is burned.
The food was completely burned and the resulting rise in water temperature was measured.
Calories-in-less-calories-burned-equals-added-fat misses the point.
For example, they included as methane leaks, gas leaks that are usually burned off.
Do you think those farmers will have enough to keep their standard of living after the cheap coal is burned.
The tank was jettisoned once a shuttle reached orbit and ultimately burned up during re-entry.
It burned his spine so bad he had to have screws put in his upper spine so he could hold his head up.
Images of inhumanity and atrocity are burned into our memories.
Burned or used in fuel cells, hydrogen is an appealing option for powering future automotive vehicles for several reasons.
We went out on our deck and the two of them burned through the strawberries in about ten minutes.
Every one and a half hours or so, stir the sawdust so that the unburned particles can be heated and burned.
On orders of authorities, many unidentified bodies were secretly buried or burned.
She described maimed bodies, burned corpses, the destruction of entire villages.
He was determined to marry her, she would have none of it, and their incendiary relationship crashed and burned.
Smoke gave the cool air a faintly burned flavor, an aftertaste of ash.
He found the smell of burned clay that lingered in her clothes to be sickening.
The shelling injured many more residents, and a community radio station and shops have been burned down.
At that point, the collector burned the receipt, consigning the work to mere memory.
More than five hundred city blocks were flattened or burned.
When burned it releases three pounds of sulfur dioxide and four pounds of nitrogen oxide for every megawatt-hour of operation.
Scientists were able to track this one closer to the sun than ever, before it it burned up in the sun's lower atmosphere.
She found that as a dolphin burned more oxygen, its heart rate always increased in a beautifully linear way.
Some kinds of trees are better when it is burned off.
Priests burned offerings at the top of the multilevel platforms, as each layer of society gazed up from its proper elevation.
First coal is burned, boiling water and producing steam that drives a turbine to generate electricity.
Kane flailed her arms and kicked, and her face still burned.
Not so here, where natural gas is burned and the combustion directly powers turbines.
These plains are flooded during the rainy season, dry and parched in the summer, and often burned by fires.
Astronomers have never said all debris is burned up contrary to what you claim.
The example with the rain forest being burned down in order to make cheaper meat for our fast food chains is a good one.
When the houses burned, the walked-in images were subsequently left in the clay floors.
The hydrogen could be used as a fuel that could be burned whenever it's needed.
Thus, a smaller jet engine is required, so less fuel is burned.
The hydrogen can then be burned to turn a turbine, or it can be run through a fuel cell to generate electricity.
It combines various measures to calculate the number of calories burned during the course of a day.
The coal is still burned, and the temperatures are maintained, because it can't ramp down and then back up fast enough.
The fat moves into the bloodstream, travels to other tissues, and gets burned.
The fires burned for days, until they ran out of fuel.
Around noon the first group was led to the compost heap, gunned down, and burned under piles of cornhusks.
That's if the former have not been burned and the latter have not been butchered.
Mac, a shade short of being a redhead, burned in the sun.
The air smelled of cordite, dust, and burned rubber.
Instead of paying to repair them, the company often burned disabled trucks in pits or by the side of the road.
The cigarette had burned so far down it was almost to his fingers.
Some were burned, some were unconscious, others were in various stages of organ failure.
If clothing adheres to the skin, cut or tear around burned area.

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