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If any of those elements are missing, a fire won't burn for long-and won't start in the first place.
Prepare a blazing hardwood fire and let it burn down to embers.
Now, here's something that honks me off: neighbors who call the fire department when you're in the middle of a controlled burn.
State authorities originally expected the fire to burn for about two weeks, but it endured for two and a half years.
The burn marks weren't uneven in the way of meaty bones burned on a cooking fire or buried underneath a burning palace.
Buried in that much plaster which of course doesn't burn it won't have a chance of supporting much fire.
Though it sounds bizarre, mixing water into the fuel helps it to burn better.
Salt water can indeed burn when exposed to a certain kind of radio wave, a university chemist has confirmed.
Nearly all day and night, red- and yellow-swathed bodies burn on wood funeral pyres.
Current burn treatments are as painful as the injuries themselves.
And even were that not so, fuel is one of airlines' biggest costs, so there is a strong incentive to burn less of it.
Burn a couple of small holes in the middle of the map to make it look even older and more used.
But whereas tungsten projectiles become rounded at the tip upon impact, uranium shells burn away at the edges.
Natural fires burn forest during dry spells, creating lakes and marshy areas that are perfect hunting grounds for wading birds.
If the infestation is light, cut off and burn infected stems and branches.
Existing incendiaries tend to burn fiercely but quickly.
He thought his diet somehow stimulated bodily tissues to burn more stored fat than they would otherwise have done.
If the skies are clear, the shuttle's engines should burn bright enough to sho.
Water spots don't burn any of these plants, and bugs don't chomp them.
Some media can burn reliably faster than its rated speed.
And even if they don't burn out, they tend to burn out the people around them, who can't withstand the pace.
One way to clean up spilled oil in coastal marshes is to burn it.
Be careful not to burn them, because if this happens it makes the dish taste bitter.
Although almost anything can burn, it is really a bad idea to burn almost anything.
Long story short, that's the time that our body goes into the furnace mode to burn all the previous intakes.
Colored leaf varieties need a half day of direct sun for best color but can burn in afternoon sun in hot-summer areas.
Perhaps that is why some writers burn out in academia.
Small chunks cut from a fake fireplace log will prolong the burn.
She says she'll burn the painting before she sells it for less.
All attempts to burn through that crud with higher-powered energy weapons have flopped.
Ouch burn for the op, won't be trying to make an off topic post anytime soon.
The other, a weld in my exhaust begun to burn through.
Open it, and clean it out, and then burn a candle in it to disperse the fumes.
In slow-twitch mode they burn fat, and are less prone to fatigue.
Space heaters in older apartment buildings often burn the cheap form of crude oil, which also is used to fuel ships.
He was going to come back later with battery acid so that he could burn the hair and skin off of the dog's head.
The hoodlums threatened to burn down the house if she reported the incident to the police, so she refrained.
Surgeons once grafted pigskin onto burn wounds as a temporary bandage.
Too high a temperature and we'd spend all our time taking in fuel to burn.
If the problem is that bad, college students can bring a new mattress at their own expense and burn it at the end of the semester.
Red dwarfs, by contrast, burn for hundreds of billions of years.
If the tree isn't replaced through a replanting process, you might as well burn oil.
It is used by the aerospace and defense industries to help rocket fuel burn.
Someone with power is going to burn this sod in short order.
The vicious cycles keep on getting worse, until it hits a brick wall and the whole country goes down and burn.
The early morning sun rays add to the surreal image as they burn away the river mist.
The company's emphasis has been not on fuel cells but on internal combustion engines that burn liquefied hydrogen.
In the end, he put out in nine months a conflagration that was expected to burn uncontrollably for three to five years.
Our sun will also likely burn out and become a white dwarf surrounded by a vivid nebula but not for another five billion years.
The trick is to either grab shrapnel or coax it toward the planet, where it will burn up in the atmosphere.
If anyone even raises his hand against us we'll take away half his land and burn the other half, including the oil.
Workers at the rig tried to contain it, while responders scrambled to corral it, burn it or disperse it.
They use silicon sheeting for burn victims to lessen scarring.
They can cut cleaner holes in steel, but they are slower than stamping because they need to burn their way around the part.
Rocket researchers worldwide are now working on engines that burn methane rather than conventional liquid propellants.
The whole idea of penalizing areas of the country because they burn coal is counter productive.
By raising the surrounding air temperature, the bats would need to burn fewer calories to warm back up.
When your incandescent bulbs burn out, replace them with energy-efficient ones.
Powered by propane or a mixture of propane and butane, these devices are not meant to burn weeds.
Set boundaries for your grading so that you don't overgrade and burn too much time and energy.
Standing desks alow you to stretch and move while you work-you burn more calories than sitting.
Second, never burn a bridge with someone, because they may help you later.
Consequently there's a high rate of burn out and certainly a deep level of cynicism.
Sure method to accelerated burn-out for students, many who simply endure until they meet their objective.
Chickens are so apt to burn while broiling that many prefer to partially cook in oven.
Lava can burn, bury, and destroy everything in its path.
More large wildfires burn here now than anywhere else in the nation.
People spend the afternoon building bonfires that burn throughout the night to welcome in the summer.
All species hunker down in winter and burn the reserves of fat they have stored during more plentiful seasons.
As a result, oil companies either release it into the atmosphere-a process known as venting-or burn it in a flare.
If the skies are clear, the shuttle's engines should burn bright enough to show up during its initial climb.
The gas would severely burn the lungs and other body tissues when inhaled, and is no less powerful when ingested by mouth.
They are typically large and strike any one spot infrequently, but can burn entire forests, leaving only charred stumps.
Imagine how much heat you need to do that vs the heat you will get when you burn the residual charcoal and gases.
Try taking a cool shower or bath or placing wet, cold wash rags on the burn.
The compounds are used in many solvents and also could be used as an additive to make gasoline burn more efficiently.
When she started to burn out and didn't have the capital to renovate, she began showing the restaurant to prospective buyers.
There is hunger and the burn to make a difference, there are ingredients and found objects.
The expertise lies in not allowing the silk to burn and gently unraveling the juicy kebab with a single pull of the string.
Temperate-forest fires burn hot and fast, and sometimes all the way up to the crown of a tree.
The staff are no longer the curmudgeons of yore, and the food is actually edible, though it will still burn a hole in your pocket.
Some big firms have piled up so much cash that it seems to burn a hole in their pockets.
Because fires benefit forests by thinning them out, they are now often left to burn.
If you own a physical book, in much of the world you may sell it, lend it-even burn or bury it.
The second reason is that people have less money to burn.
Instead, they should talk about the programs that burn through cash.
He knows early-stage companies face hurdles and burn through cash before they ramp up.
Kindle means to set alight or start to burn, to arouse or be aroused, to make or become bright.
The final piece, a trip to an ethnic grocery-burn rate: one or two horned beasts per week-explains halal meat.
Her hand traced the same small circle on her thigh over and over, as if to burn through the fabric.
Haynes noticed the contaminants and avoided them, except for one burn on her thumb.
They burn so brightly before that retirement, though.
Stir occasionally, making sure that it doesn't burn or stick to the bottom of the pot.
Some writers write because they burn with a cause which they further by writing about it.
After this, the writer becomes obsessed with finding the next barn he will burn, but never finds it.
It is the kind of place where the inhabitants would gather to watch a house or a barn burn.
The extra hour of light from daylight savings time won't burn the crops, but this might.
Babies use brown fat to burn calories and keep warm.
All they used to do was burn the brush at various places so that some good things will grow up.
Yet humans burn the same number of calories, scaled to size, as other primates.
To avoid poisonous gas discharge, it was decided to burn the gas.
The pollution is the same whether you burn the bags or turn it to oil then burn the oil.
When patients suffer this much destruction--which is as severe as a third-degree burn--they need skin grafts.
It involves an explanation for how long it would take the focused sunlight to burn through to the back of your head.
These observations all pointed to one obvious conclusion: the muscles took longer to tire and burn through their energy stores.
Natural fires in a stone pueblo quickly burn out or the community extinguishes them, usually before more than one room is damaged.
He had short salt-and-pepper hair and olive skin, with traces of burn marks on his cheeks.
If you don't get them out, in a few years he's going to burn through all their money.
Campfires burn everywhere, and camels stand in silhouette atop distant dunes.
The image of that table being loaded into the truck would burn itself into his brain as his first memory.
He wasn't the only family member to crash and burn in those years.
Police and military now have a weapon using waves which burn the skin.
One side of this planet would burn under a scorching sun while the other would freeze.
The devices burn through battery power relatively quickly-after about two hours of continuous play, the blocks were running low.
The increased hydrogen content in the natural gas led to a more complete burn, reducing nitrogen oxides.
When it gets to a certain level the civilization falls apart and the barbarians come and burn everything down.
Sure, if you burn ethanol in a non flex-fuel vehicle, that could be detrimental to the engine.
If it had failed to burn, they would have been stranded forever in lunar orbit.
Burn only dry, well-seasoned wood that has been split properly.

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