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Example sentences for burly

Get pinned down in a storm and you need two things-a burly tent and comfort so you won't lose your mind.
The foldable heel counter isn't as burly as a conventional boot's, so you give up some ankle support.
Our test model was definitely built on the burly side of the spectrum.
Two burly technicians burst in, unlatch the chair, and lower it.
Maple syrup production may conjure up rustic visions of burly guys in plaid shirts hauling metal buckets through the woods.
There were a couple of big, burly guys working at the barn, feeding horses and such.
Amid the hurly-burly, the only thing that's clear is the future, where hydrogen beckons.
Some critics found his full-voiced singing blunt and burly.
The sad expression on the burly detective's normally cheerful face was answer enough.

Famous quotes containing the word burly

Moscow, breathing fire like a human volcano with its smouldering lava of passion, ambition and politics, its hurly- more
The deep, deep peace of the double-bed after the hurly-burly of the chaise-lounge.... more
... when a great burly six feet of masculinity with sloping shoulders and unkempt beard swaggers in, and, t... more
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