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People worried especially about those who had been excommunicated and denied burial in a church-approved cemetery.
Second, scientific evidence shows skeletons around this age are not always related to those who now live near burial sites.
They began not only to lose their homes but also their burial grounds and places of worship.
The burial hinted at an emotional bond between two people.
Rapid burial under tons of water pressure may be the answer for the remarkable condition of these fossils.
Most pacemakers removed before burial or cremations wind up in storage at funeral homes.
And he also has some comments about a truly out-of-the-box idea about human burial rites.
Some families believe in burial, others go for cremation.
The family crest appears over the intended burial site.
The impossibility of a proper burial injected additional pain into an already unbearable situation.
Four burial mounds rose on the northwest corner of the meadow.
Their burial location, a mile from the battlefield, is one reason to think so.
Either side of the forecourt, about ten metres apart, are two false burial chambers.
But the victims' families may prefer to reclaim them for burial on land.
Since human remains are still at the site, this area is literally a burial ground.
He seems especially pained by the book's suggestion that there was no funeral and is no record of burial for his father.
Show students the picture of a reconstructed predynastic burial mummy.
Have students look at the picture of the reconstructed predynastic burial mummy and read the accompanying text.
For example, they may want to talk about a relative who died, including details about the mummification and burial processes.
We can distinguish between the cultures by their pottery, stone tools, and burial practices.
It was the first burial at sea they had ever witnessed, and they couldn't help finding it interesting.
Prisons and burial-vaults are its sombre background.
After her burial he penetrates into the mysterious enchanted wood, the bane of the army of the crusaders.
Our great western valleys were never scooped out for her burial place.
He has indicated he will open the burial site to the public for brief periods each year.
The thieves were probably lucky to have escaped burial themselves.
Such a burial ground suggests the hominid's awareness of its own mortality.
Species that store a lot of food tend to have a bigger hippocampus than those without the need to remember any burial sites.
Federal requirements for burial of human remains at sea.

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