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Example sentences for burglary

Ordinary crime such as house burglary and car theft is often accompanied by random violence.
He pleaded guilty to three indictments charging burglary.
As the economy slows and people lose their jobs, brawling and burglary tend to become more common.
Note that in some areas, bump keys count as burglary tools, and possession of one can be a misdemeanor offense.
They were there, after all, at the request of a citizen who was afraid a burglary was taking place.
It requires less skill than burglary or car theft, and fewer connections and less financial savvy than drug dealing.
Often such attacks on white farms are violent, and unnecessarily so for the purposes of burglary.
Burglary now attracts a mandatory minimum sentence of three years for those convicted of a third offence.
If two teenagers team up to rob a grocery store, for example, both may be caught and charged with burglary.
Repeated victims of burglary often simply stop reporting them, so they don't get counted.
Two years later, the state changed burglary to a nonviolent offense.

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