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But when it comes to government, the myth of the useless bureaucrat persists.
Only a government bureaucrat would be happy with this situation.
The place is declared a disaster area, and an evil government bureaucrat orders that the town be domed.
No government bureaucrat or insurance company bureaucrat should get between you and the care you need.
It's often better to be a government bureaucrat than to be an entrepreneur.
Render your professional opinion and don't feel that you need to be a mindless bureaucrat.
They'll come in handy when you meet a stubborn bureaucrat who speaks only baksheesh.
And you thought being a federal bureaucrat was boring.
It is the compulsory finishing school for every potential bureaucrat.
But as a bureaucrat with no power base of his own, he met resistance from both sides.
The hapless bureaucrat was forced to eat his own words.
Not me as president, not some politician, not a bureaucrat.
Our dutiful bureaucrat doesn't have to ponder the matter for long.
Every time a citizen meets a bureaucrat, the two conduct a transaction.
Unleash some incivility on that harried bureaucrat and you might find your reasonable request obstructed.
To flourish in this atmosphere, it helps to have the spirit of a frontier settler, not a corporate bureaucrat.
Perhaps she gets a bonus for being a particularly petty bureaucrat.
Encourages medical decisions be made by the patient based on medical necessity rather than rationing by a bureaucrat.
She must think that being a bureaucrat empowers her to control the rights of citizens in thought, word and deed.

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