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Nationalizing the public school system would simply entrench the bureaucracy even further.
He says that ideology and bureaucracy are to blame.
He vowed to reduce the bureaucracy by thousands this year, and even more next.
This is hardly unique to military bureaucracy.
Fighting corruption and fighting bureaucracy have to go hand in hand.
Louis used the bourgeoisie to build his centralized bureaucracy.
The chief immediate cause was the conditions of red-tape bureaucracy.
Part of the answer has to be sought in the labyrinthine workings of a bureaucracy.
Navigating the byways of government bureaucracy is seldom easy.
There are few who doubt the bureaucracy was trimmed in an era of fiscal crisis.
The bureaucracy is furiously resisting.
Foreign resident's guide to culture, destinations, and bureaucracy.
They're tired of the criminal bureaucracy, of corruption and chaos.
We were airborne and the clouds of bureaucracy immediately cleared.
Upon leaving the military, he worked in a state-owned bank, and then he began to rise through the government bureaucracy.
They portray them as innocents caught in the bureaucracy of the of the country in which they committed their crimes.
Fed up with the bureaucracy, he simply instructed his staff to take them out, adding precious workspace.
His performance as deputy national-security adviser finally won him respect throughout the bureaucracy.
And speaking of bureaucracy, perhaps the biggest problem involves the laws governing the issuing of new permits.
As for the poor athletic departments, perhaps their own bloated bureaucracy might have a lot to do with their poor fiscal health.
They help them navigate the university bureaucracy and facilitate communication with professors.
University administration and bureaucracy moves about the speed of glacial creep.
To operate within the bounds of law another pesky bureaucracy.
Removing the extra layer of bureaucracy really does make things easier for all of us in the end.
Lots of bureaucracy and less funny stuff, unless there are crazy people on the committee.
To wit: once a bureaucracy is brought into existence its primary function becomes self-perpetuation.
And yet he does have a sense of how to run a bureaucracy.
He wanted as little government interference and bureaucracy as possible.
Yet another government bureaucracy was born to enforce the quotas.
Instead, they are putting layers and layers of bureaucracy into regulating a naturally existing gas.
It is useless to complain about the media, when the problem was caused by the science bureaucracy and scientists.
Before the war the count used to have some kind of social role as mediator between the local people and the state bureaucracy.
We need not linger on the nature of bureaucracy-the literature is voluminous.
For one thing, there is no multimillion-dollar bureaucracy to support it.
His solution for a bloated, ineffective bureaucracy was to create another layer of bureaucracy to work around it.
It is a disaster, another huge bureaucracy that will have unintended consequences.
He wants to cut through bureaucracy and rest-tape, and make government more consumer-friendly.
These last worry that a government bureaucracy is a poor delivery vehicle for their precious cargo.
Applying our simple principle would not require a big new bureaucracy.
Today, of course, the bureaucracy and the politics would get in the way.
The new government downgraded it, and is trying instead to cut back the bureaucracy.
Hence now the policy of government is not decided by bureaucracy or a group of influential people.
Clearer laws and less bureaucracy would reduce the discretionary power of officials.
Many firms have become nimbler by removing unnecessary bureaucracy.
That's not to say there isn't still plenty of bureaucracy.
Because everybody knows everybody else, such groups can run with a minimum of bureaucracy.
Whatever the truth of such allegations, it is clear that the bureaucracy is determined to push the project through.
To rally support, he distributed sheep to indigenous farmers and raised salaries for the army and bureaucracy.
Their economy was strong, and their bureaucracy relatively reliable.
We have created an education bureaucracy and now it's about the education bureaucracy perpetuating the education bureaucracy.
Axe the gluttonous bureaucracy that runs your country.
There the written word, metalworking, and bureaucracy were born.
They're always trying to fund their next welfare bureaucracy.
And of course, the dramatic rise in cases of autism may have as much to do with bureaucracy as it does with medicine.
You're angry that you can't levy more taxes in order to support even more bloated bureaucracy.
Also, there would be no need to take a percentage to administer the bureaucracy, so it would be more efficient.
Today, they don't know how to sell their products inside the bureaucracy or make a technical case to the public.
But technology moves faster than bureaucracy, and the mobile upgrade has arrived ahead of revised protocols.
Once there, he found himself immersed in the futility of bureaucracy-the aimless meetings and senseless doublespeak.
He's got twelve months to demonstrate progress and to shake the bureaucracy into action.
There's also the more ideological, if still possibly valid, argument that they don't encourage the growth of bureaucracy.
Voters indeed may not spend much mental energy worrying about who oversees the small bureaucracy.
Most of these proposals address the urgent need for reform without creating a new federal bureaucracy.

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