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With a hydration bladder, the added weight on the shoulders proved to be burdensome over time with conventional daypacks.
But here they play the odds the way they see them, and perfect safety is burdensome and unnecessary.
Particularly burdensome are proposed standards for record-keeping, they say.
We ought to be building more plants but the regulatory and legal bureaucracy is so burdensome that the cost is prohibitive.
With so much burdensome machinery lying around, it's tempting to wonder why more corporations aren't making charitable donations.
While many have limited success, others don't understand the procedures-or find the effort too burdensome and don't even try.
And if life has become too burdensome, the ability to volitionally end it must be an option.
Elaborate and far-fetched laws are only burdensome to the people, and a hindrance rather than a help to business.
It is ever burdensome and frustrating, also bankrupting, and offers little except the gratifying self-pity of the dutiful.
Drug innovation waned once the limiting effects of burdensome government regulation kicked in after the thalidomide tragedy.
Enacting new financial transaction taxes or even more burdensome regulation will not be good for the economy in the short-run.
Enact simpler, less burdensome tax code for households and small businesses.
Costs would, of course, be less burdensome if commodity ingredients were reliably available.
Rather than a path to power and national security celebrity, this portfolio is burdensome and tired.
Burdensome regulations may be concise, of course, and deregulation can run to hundreds of pages.
For senators and state legislatures, this process could be difficult and burdensome due to partisan politics.
Somehow, the agony of sprite sheet optimization doesn't seem so burdensome after that.
Obviously, that makes extra debt service more burdensome--and also makes both bondholders and taxpayers more reluctant.
Taxes seem especially burdensome when they are easy to evade.
And some immigrants are obviously more productive, less burdensome additions to society than others.
The latter is burdensome for the writer, but in my mind would be the best approach.
It's sad that so many scholars experience their profession as burdensome work to be limited.
If she were to have to take on loans beyond the current amount the total will be burdensome in a period of uncertainty.
The result of that approach is burdensome to teachers, and it probably does not produce good results.
It wants less meddling through burdensome regulations.
The tax system is set to become more burdensome as the government strives to consolidate weakened public finances.
For independent investors, farmland is an especially attractive option because it can offer relief from several burdensome taxes.
Yet the new legislation fails to address the biggest problem of all: burdensome, costly regulation.
The legal system can be burdensome, even destructive.
The financial industry already faces burdensome new regulations.
By contrast, price regulation and obscure trade barriers are harder to spot and more burdensome to the poor.
In part, the tax system is burdensome because people dodge it.
It is also the burdensome legacy of inequality in our national education system.
After many weeks of acquiescence, this burdensome fashion hangup had finally been laid bare.
The lack of water is especially burdensome in view of the need to provide for a thirsty horse.
Today's announcement is part of a continuing effort to reduce burdensome state mandates on localities.
For decades, presidents of both parties have issued executive orders to produce more sensible, less burdensome regulations.

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When griefs are genuine, I find, there is nothing more vacuous, more burdensome, or even more impertinent, ... more
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