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White was burdened with unveiling a whole new realm.
The global icon is not simply burdened with high expectations.
But over a century of fire suppression efforts have tragically burdened those ecosystems with extra fuel.
They are not burdened or graced, depending on your viewpoint, with the power of choice.
Thats fine too, if the rest are not burdened inappropriately by an individuals lifestyle.
Digitizing medical data has been touted as one way to help the already burdened system manage the surge in patients.
Working memory can become more burdened by increasing the number of words to remember.
Here are travellers burdened with trunks and bandboxes.
Yet whoever is burdened with fear of this second kind may be expected to harbor other and similar phobias.
Besides, the memory in the early years is more facile, because it is less burdened than in later years.
When language is conventionally used by writers it becomes burdened with clich├ęs and dead phrases.
Many people in the field think accreditation agencies are being burdened with issues beyond their reach.
Even an excellent algorithm flogs if burdened with poor data structures.
Good writing is ineffective if burdened with bad design.
People really seemed to feel burdened by a lot of things.
And they do not think of themselves as put upon or unduly burdened.
He was burdened with some painful cutbacks as well, though, eliminating the departments of fine arts and communications.
Why not ask your friends in the business world to create the options that you expect from an over-burdened government.
We have been burdened by this misunderstanding ever since.
Both science and metaphysics have long been burdened with the misleading and the misinformed.
Colonial newspapers, burdened by a new tax, floridly staged their demise.
Burdened with undeniable pre- and post-existing condition, patient was turned down for all other coverage.
As a result developing countries are often burdened with debt they can't service.
The new historians, not burdened with such a heavy political agenda, have offered a more balanced approach.
Those people end up burdened with loan repayments for value they didn't receive.
The established restaurants are burdened with regulations.
And post-traumatic stress can take a devastating toll on families and add pressure on already-burdened health services.
Unlike those burdened with an inhibited nature, the uninhibited have few complaints.
It would also unfairly shift huge costs to future generations, which would be burdened with repaying the borrowed funds.
The military was everywhere burdened by a top-heavy bureaucracy, with too many layers of staff that needed pampering.
After all, small imprints are actually cheaper to run, since they aren't burdened by the giant advances of big houses.
The latter allows you to hike burdened only by a day pack.
Later on it wants to reform income and business taxes, as well as a health-care system burdened by an ageing population.
And private-equity firms will continue to be burdened by the debt-laden companies they took on in the boom.
Maybe he's feeling burdened and needs to get out from under that.
The latter was particularly burdened with pension and health-care costs for retired workers.
Elsewhere, governments have emerged from the crisis burdened by debt.
So rather than be burdened with too many expensive older workers, companies impose a low mandatory retirement age.
When graduates leave university, they are often burdened with student debt.
But there's some good news for those burdened with such obligations.
The labor rates in this section reflect the fully-burdened rates for each labor category and will apply to all direct labor hours.
Others are falling through over-burdened community safety nets.
Our poorest communities remain disproportionately burdened by diet related diseases.
However, looking to residents to fix this problem with even more taxes is not the answer either-we're already over-burdened.
Everything he does under the supposed aim of raising employment is burdened by some other agenda.

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