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Example sentences for burden of proof

The burden of proof is on the student to prove authorship.
Originally, the burden of proof was on physicists to prove that time travel was possible.
The burden of proof lies with the traveler to prove that they are in fact who they say they are.
If you propose a theory or hypothesis, the burden of proof falls on you, not the other way around.
The burden of proof is on the one presenting the argument.
The burden of proof needs to be on those making the charge of lowering others' productivity.
But in a world market that's in a period of radical change, the burden of proof ought to be on those who fear monopolies.
The burden of proof rests, in any event, with those who would urge war.
Leaving aside the relatively high burden of proof, the complaint subtracts energy from the actual effort of competing.
The reason is that they maintain an unrealistically high burden of proof.
The burden of proof for supernatural claims lies with the claimant.
You're making big claims when you ignore the views of the vast majority of climatologists, so you have the burden of proof.
The burden of proof is on those that make the claim.
To supplant the current view that the mind is generated by the brain, the burden of proof is really with the supplanter.
If you want to show that the conclusions are false, the burden of proof is on the deniers.
The burden of proof is on those making a positive claim.
His speech aimed to shift the burden of proof-and in some measure did so.
Certainly the burden of proof lies with those who favour capital mobility.
It would also reverse the burden of proof, requiring owners to show they acquired land legally and without violence or threats.
Some see it as reversing the burden of proof on businesses that want to launch a product, use a chemical or adopt a new practice.
Where they diverge is in their methodology, articles and burden of proof.
But the reality is that the burden of proof is now on the gas industry, not its opponents.
In a civil action against an existing permit holder, the burden of proof would be on the complainant to show harm.
As usual for conspiracy nuts, you're trying to shift the burden of proof.
Jeremy: once scientific consensus is in place, the burden of proof then lies with those going against it.
The burden of proof is now on those who argue otherwise.
First, your statement about the burden of proof being on the claimant is entirely accurate in an intellectual or academic setting.
Theories move on burden of proof, as the evidence becomes more and more substantive.
Instead, it places the burden of proof with the people who make the claim that either exists.
The burden of proof is on those who claim innate differences, not the other way around.
Let's turn this around on you for a moment, and put the burden of proof where it belongs.
It shifts the burden of proof to the consumer, who now must show a safer design was feasible at the time the product was made.
The government's lawyers have not even come close to meeting their burden of proof.
Dave- at this point, the burden of proof is on those supporting this idiotic, pointless military adventurism.
They should be the ones who have the burden of proof.
There is a law of evidence or a rule called the burden of proof.
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