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Apart from the disease itself, the financial burden of cancer treatment is a major source of stress for patient and family.
The largest burden of disease after these events is probably mental health issues.
The world will sink under the burden of mental dead weights such as yourself.
As crops dry up and farmers migrate to urban shantytowns lacking clean water and basic sanitation, the burden is amplified.
Publishing is a lot more fun when you're freed from the burden of profitability.
Every man shall bear his own burden.
Our burden is to make people read, even if the books tread on dangerous ground.
Regarded as a burden in her new home, the girl is treated like a servant.
That is a burden which makes the job more difficult.
The burden of producing clean power is being shifted to the electric utilities.
The book had 200 pages that needed to be done and it became a burden.
But hybrid athletes must bear an additional burden-convincing people that their sports are actually sports.
It is the burden of those who claim that he was not the author to overcome that presumption.
The wreath of fur is somewhat akin to wearing a woolen scarf at the peak of summer-a hot and heavy burden around the neck.
With so many pressing urban challenges, they see wastewater reuse as an added burden with no direct or immediate value.
The couple squeeze into the backseat, she carrying a bright blue gym bag, he the dull burden of history.
But let's not burden albatrosses with our metaphors.
But great as our tax burden is, it has not kept pace with public spending.
Not without some hesitation, moreover, did the author determine to burden his drama with a preface.
It is rare that such topics have formed the burden of communications with the department of state.
It means that the revenue burden falls too heavily on honest taxpayers.
The whole emotional burden of adolescence is that you don't know why you feel unhappy, or angry, or out of it.
But, until the revolution arrives, college students must bear the burden of the high cost of reading.
He was free of the burden, free of the pressure, free of the camera's eye.
The burden of proof rests, in any event, with those who would urge war.
If this isn't a burden that nations want to take on, so be it.
Each of these witness memoirs had to bear an awful burden, standing in for the thousands of memoirs that would never be written.
But the public is not being asked to bear much of the burden of reality.
But it's easier to preserve bodies than minds, and a few centuries of memories can be a burden.
TV is supposed to be a respite from the burden of human interaction, not another dysfunctional relationship.
These utilitarian beasts of burden are expected to do one critical thing without fail: wake us up in the morning.
And sharks have an added burden: they sink when they stop swimming, so they must be in constant motion.
Giving them this responsibility and the tools seems to be a burden.
And it's never been designed to be anything but a burden.
In study after study, this extra work turned out to be a huge burden.
Often overlooked, though, is the financial burden for many families with autistic children.
In theory, any nation can shoulder the burden of prosecution.
They spare the publisher the burden of warehousing paper copies.
There is a way to reduce the debt burden, but it has to be done as part of a well thought out and properly executed plan.
Whites do not bear the burden of representing the whole race.
As the state burden for healthcare has risen, funding for higher education has declined.
While the financial burdens have been horrific for this author, the psychic burden appears to have also weighed heavily.
More reliance on instructors and adjuncts also puts more administrative burden on full-time tenure-track professors.
It might even lessen the burden on service providers and content distributors.
Making the burden of childhood obesity all the more heavy.
Students are lugging the financial burden well after graduation.
And the larger your income, no matter the source, the less payroll taxes figure as part of your overall federal tax burden.
The burden of proof for supernatural claims lies with the claimant.
Catch share programs, in which regional fishery councils divvy up quota shares to fishermen, could help ease this burden.
We eat the chicken and take on an extra toxic burden and more fat cells are formed.
And that burden would get heavier as the cap got tighter.
Cap-and-trade and non-natural capture schemes only increase the expense of energy and add to the burden of poverty.
Both are infrastructure-based businesses where the network is a substantial cost burden that is multiplied by peak use.
Nor is it a burden on the utility by being variable as they are already set up for that as loads are even more variable.
Tobacco-related illness imposes a huge burden on individuals, families and society as a whole.
Life my exist in waterless environments, but looking on every planet would be a burden.
He spent much of his time alone with nature, hence there was little clutter in his mind, little burden.
Given its population burden and its economic trajectory.
Originally, the burden of proof was on physicists to prove that time travel was possible.
Now the burden of proof is on physicists to prove there must be a law forbidding time travel.
So admit that the regulatory burden is strangling the economy or admit that you mistakenly slipped.
To supplant the current view that the mind is generated by the brain, the burden of proof is really with the supplanter.
In ten years that burden will fall on only two workers.
But the following generations are smaller, leaving the children of the boomers with a huge cost burden.
The burden on the countries that have been rescued is enormous.
Now the debt burden reflects the shift in the balance of economic power from rich countries to developing ones.
There, and elsewhere, tax rises need to bear some of the burden.
Multiply these costs across nations, and the burden on the global economy is significant.
The credit crunch has shifted the burden of servicing that debt from the private to the public sector.
The fourth threat facing the industry is its refinancing burden.
The tyranny of ageing is less the waning of physical strength than the burden of surviving life and loss.
It also needs to limit the fiscal burden on its children even if this entails defaulting on its debt.
They point out that its debt burden is no worse than in other parts of the rich world.
By this standard, the burden continues generally to ease.
But businesses in low-income countries still struggle with twice the burden of regulation as those in high-income countries.
So some homeowners may be tempted to default and escape the burden of negative equity.
Sceptics claim that this burden of responsibility is crushing the spirit of scientific inquiry.
Countries with greenery in their veins are being asked to take more of the burden than newer members.
Yet over time immigrants more than repay the extra short-term burden they impose on education, health and other budgets.
Meanwhile, the heavy burden of coursework bores and holds back more able students.
Delaying the funding of benefits and pensions now will make the burden much heavier later.
Deflation is particularly deadly when an economy has lots of debt, because falling prices swell the real debt burden.
Property wealth is shrinking and consumers are weighed down by a debt burden made heavier by falling wages.
The burden of valuation is on the killer whose ground is nihilistic.
It's an escalating burden on our families and businesses.
They were literally singing for their supper, for without the right to inherit, they were a burden on their families.
The burden of health-care costs has grown heavier, and so have we.
They will inherit a huge national debt and a high and rising payroll-tax burden.
Some people are so highly socialized that the attempt to think, feel and act morally imposes a severe burden on them.
For one, it would impose virtually no burden on operators, despite their huge environmental footprint.
Many poor households see their daughters as an economic burden and would rather send them off quickly to their husbands.
Another felt crushed by the burden of supporting a large family after his father died.
Income groups from left to right, and change in tax burden shown on the vertical scale.
But that's a crushing burden to shoulder, too much by far to wish on anyone.
Human biology reorganized itself to cope with the punishing burden of our oversize thinking parts.
Yet her contention, backed up by research, that motherhood is a burden seldom embraced unconditionally has profound implications.
The result is less burden on the refereeing population, and more scientific substance per paper.
If you propose a theory or hypothesis, the burden of proof falls on you, not the other way around.
The extra knowledge is helping him to avoid a psychotic episode but he still largely bears the burden of the condition.
Indeed, in journals in those days, the burden of proof was generally on the opponents rather than the proponents of new ideas.
As usual for conspiracy nuts, you're trying to shift the burden of proof.
The burden's on you to think of a better explanation for the results here.
If it gets covered by insurance, that burden is distributed to everyone else in the form of higher premiums and co-pays.
Theories move on burden of proof, as the evidence becomes more and more substantive.
It is a pretty heavy burden to bear, however, based on the evidence revealed to date.
As the population rises, public transportation worldwide bears a heavier burden.
The burden will extend to the unpaid caregivers as well, who are already lacking sufficient societal support.
In a criminal case, prosecutors have the sole burden of proof.
As with so many public-health issues, a disproportionate part of the burden appears to be falling on the poorest of the poor.
It's such a burden to make them and then break them.
He talked about how the burden of student loan debt is likely to put homeownership out of reach for many grads.
But there are many students who don't qualify for whom the book costs are a burden.

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