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Their diverting antics give the book its buoyancy.
To change their buoyancy and move up and down in the water, fish inflate an internal organ called the swim bladder.
The two styles play off each other with a buoyancy that belies the songs' often melancholy nature.
Air trapped in the cylinders provides enough buoyancy for the platform to float.
The twin hulls are made of fiberglass and filled with foam for buoyancy.
The buoyancy force is due to the water.
People have been known to survive days at sea, but only with a buoyancy aid.
Dancing with remarkable buoyancy, he rushed from one new experience to another.
The bassist nailed every tempo to the floor with buoyancy and unerring accuracy.
The creature lived in the lower, larger part of the straight shell and used the narrower part of the shell to maintain buoyancy.
Of course, the fact should be kept in mind that these are air tanks, not to be used so as to appreciably diminish their buoyancy.
He had been much of an invalid, but he never lost for long his courage or his buoyancy.
Only some whales have grown bigger, but their buoyancy in water makes them virtually weightless.
At some nadir in the depth, the glider would then change its buoyancy and start climbing again.
Still another suction-toed species has a tear-shaped bubble on the end of a long tail, which gives it buoyancy.
The big giveaway is the buoyancy of the tether lines and the way the flag moves.
Also, the buoyancy can be tailored to increase the chances of the platelets reaching the hole more efficiently.
They also possess the ability-unique among sharks-of gulping air from the surface to achieve neutral buoyancy.
But before experiencing the lake's legendary buoyancy for yourself, locate the campground with working showers.
Such waves form when buoyancy pushes air upward while gravity pulls it downward, giving rise to oscillations in the air.
But there is a new buoyancy to this novel as well-a buoyancy of tone, of technique.
And the deflationists struggle to explain the rebound in world trade and the buoyancy of manufacturing.
Yet this buoyancy is checked by equally potent anxieties.
He also stated that blacks were not adapted to be swimmers because of a lack of buoyancy.
But it doesn't mean that before then, they do not have the buoyancy.
Another modern bird, grebes, has similar coiled barbules which allows them to absorb water and change their buoyancy.
Flood the dock to neutral buoyancy and tip it over with a crane on each corner.
These vessels use changes in buoyancy to power themselves over long periods.
Most likely, the top layer's relative buoyancy stems from its water-rich composition, the researchers contend.
Water and blubber have approximately the same density and blubber is near-neutral buoyancy in water.
The material spreads weight with uncanny gentleness, thanks to its gelatinous buoyancy.
The aeroplane parachute is designed to prevent loss of life when an aeroplane loses its buoyancy or becomes unmanageable.
And this buoyancy seriously undercuts the message of mercy the movie wants to convey.
The effects of buoyancy on the momentum equations and turbulence transport equations were considered.
If an object is solid and uniform, made of only one material, then density can be used to test buoyancy.
Buoyancy is a major concern in shallow tunnels that are under or partially within the water table.
Buoyancy control is important for underwater swimming and for skin or scuba diving.

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