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It tilts sideways on the harbor bed, attached by its stemlike shank to a chain, and then to a buoy at the surface of the water.
Whatever else happened, the milestone of completing the doctorate would buoy my spirits.
To buoy house prices the package includes a rescue plan for distressed mortgages more generous than anything previously mooted.
The buoy system was designed primarily to prevent collisions, but it has the potential to deliver a scientific windfall.
When the buoy rides up a crest of the wave, it stretches the elastomer.
But, overall, the emerging world will be less of a buoy to global growth than it has been hitherto.
The country also has an experimental offshore deep-ocean buoy and sensor system.
Once a link between the buoy and the command center is established, it then lowers an antenna deep into the water.
When the surface buoy rises with a swell, it pulls the glider upward.
Demand for many types of paper there is declining, though mill closures and shrinking capacity buoy prices.
The survivors released a messenger buoy and smoke bombs and waited, hoping desperately that someone would see them.
The system consists of an ocean-floor sensor and an acoustic cable linking it to a buoy.
Even an adequate performance tonight would buoy his campaign.
The hookah consists of a buoy with a pump and compressor.
But the wave of good news has also helped to buoy the industry's infamous self-regard.
To buoy their hopes, the band also has a little help from the indie rock elite this time around.
The lifeguard leaps off the stand, grabs his rescue buoy and sprints into the waves.
They moored their boat to a buoy near where the lionfish had appeared.
When they'd released them all, they tied a piece of scrap steel to a buoy with a long cable and threw that over as well.
And a rise in construction would buoy struggling labour markets, adding to the economy's spending power.
The country has become increasingly dependent on foreign direct investment to buoy its economy.
The kegs bobbed down river toward a buoy, where they became entangled, as intended.
Huge, hot plasma bubbles form, buoy up toward the surface and transfer heat.
To avoid grounding, use caution when approaching and while tied to a buoy.

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