bunt in a sentence

Example sentences for bunt

When the yard-arms were furled, the bunt was all adrift again, which made more work for us.
They win their last game of the season on a bunt that ends up being an inside-the-park home run.
Arrange sliced lemons evenly around the bottom of the bunt pan.
If the manager demanded a bunt when the team's leading home-run hitter was at bat, too bad.
She is a bunt-slap specialist and can slap for power.
Bunt fungi infecting these cereal crops can hinder their export to other countries.
Strength is needed at that point, as the maximum strain occurs there when drying the bunt prior to brailing.
Diseases were light, but a good infection was obtained in the artificially inoculated nursery for dwarf bunt.
Seed treatment against common bunt is required before seeding.

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Listen, son. You and I are professionals. If the manager says sacrifice, we lay down a bunt and let somebod... more
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