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And different security levels bunk in the same room, meaning a murderer can sleep beside a thief.
No guns were collected from the scene, and the victims said the police's claims were bunk.
At nightfall, bunk in a cozy cottage with a private garden.
Also, this idea that the shortening of telomeres is the only cause of aging is total bunk.
The kids bunk room, along with all the other rooms in the house, overlooks the water.
The bunk bed in the bedroom, on the second floor, evokes the romance of a sleeping compartment in a train.
The notion that speculators provide liquidity is complete bunk.
Today, nearly every bunk in the lodge is booked months ahead of time.
Now we've got the original sources of the article saying this whole thing is bunk.
Sure, it's a bunk bed, in a trailer with seven other guys.
Science has developed a diverse toolbox of methods for determining which hypotheses are simply good-sounding bunk.
The claims about solar's unworkability are mostly transparently bunk.
It is total and complete bunk that the consumer was fooled into taking the huge loans that they could not pay back.
We clamber up to it in the afternoon light and each pick an alcove to bunk down in.
The husband in the upper bunk rolled over against the wall.
Dont listen to them and their anti-sun exposure bunk.
One dream sequence, played against a snowy backdrop, is pure synthetic bunk.
He offers two reasons to suppose that this claim is not complete bunk.
The school has an indoor and an outdoor packing area, shower facilities, and a hostel-style bunk area for overnight stays.
Or, if they do understand this idea, they regard it as intellectualized bunk.
But that's bunk, says a new scientific review of the practice.
The suggestion that refueling is a big problem is really bunk.
Most ideas that appear to be transformative in the end turn out to be bunk.
Sure everyone has been saying the research is bunk, but a key hallmark of science is reproducibility.
Everything after that is sheer speculation, complete bunk or demonstrably wrong.
The logs are supported by a bunk located on the rear of the tractor and another bunk on the skeletal trailer.

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